The Social Element in SWTOR is Stronger than ever

A Fantastic SWTOR Party in a typical Unholy Alliance style!

I wasn’t sure if this should be in my “NEWS” or “BLOGS” section, but that’s not the important part. It’s a few days after the video was published and most have already seen it, but I simply MUST share it!

The description on YouTube is short and simple:

SWTOR Harbinger Server hosted a Republic Faction Prom March 19, 2016. Members from Wookiee Mistake, Ootini Knights and other guilds came out to celebrate! A great showing of community-driven in-game events! Find out more at

I regret to admit I was unable to be present live for this SWTOR Party due to the time zone difference. Just by reading the social posts and shares after the event and watching the video, I can absolutely tell, this is one of the best parties Star Wars The Old Republic has ever seen.

Can’t hold myself to draw back from my memories those moments… those “Hot Pants Parties”. The community was what drove SWG many years after the game’s fresh content expired. I hope that if (or when) the day comes that SWTOR is out of content, the community would stay so great and friendly, so we all all have a reason to keep logging in and enjoying our own Star Wars fantasies.

And, of course, here’s the SWTOR Party video itself. Great job with the editing, Jessie!!!

[iframe id=””]

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