How to access The SWTOR Eternal Championship

SWTOR PTS is online again and the new Eternal Championship is on it available for testing. Eric Musco published details on the SWTOR Forums on how to access the encounters and start the quest chain. The Bowdarr mission is currently still unavailable on PTS.

► How to Access The Eternal Championship | 03.31.2016, 09:12 PM

In order to access the Eternal Championship, you must use a character which has completed Chapter 9 and has access to Alliance Alerts. Then do the following:

  1. Use your Class Ship to travel to Zakuul, exit the ship onto the planet.
  2. Head directly to the Cantina.
    • (due to the current known issue of the map missing, here are some detailed steps to get to the Cantina)
    • Head straight ahead, and use the elevator.
    • Go straight til you come to an intersection and go right.
    • Follow that path to the elevator on the right.
    • After using the elevator head down the ramp and to the right, to enter the Cantina.
  3. When entering the Cantina, speak to the NPC named Dominaire about joining the Arena Grand.
  4. Once completed, walk past him to the Arena Grand Events Terminal to pick up any available Solo, Solo+, and Weekly Missions.
  5. With those Missions in your log, either head to the right and use the Elevator to Level 1, or click the Quick Travel icon in your Mission Tracker.
  6. Enter the Arena Grand!

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