Erik Bauersfeld, voice of Star Wars Admiral Ackbar, died at age 93

“It’s a Trap!” will never again be heard in its original voice

Erik Bauersfeld, the actor who voiced over Admiral Ackbar in the Classic Star Wars Trilogy, died on Sunday at his home in California. He was 93 years old and his passing was confirmed by his manager.

Erik-Bauersfeld-RIP-imageHis most epic and remembered role among our community is as the voice of Gial Ackbar, the Mon Calamari male officer. Despite the small role, Bauersfeld said he still receives fan mails daily – hardcore Star Wars fans asking for autographs. For the role of Ackbar, Bauersfeld said he received no direction from sound technician Ben Burtt and simply based his voice on the character’s odd, crustacean-like appearance. “I went over, he showed me the picture of Admiral Ackbar, and I did it,” Bauersfeld said. “I saw the face, and I knew what he must sound like.” The whole Ackbar role took him less than an hour to record.

Bauersfeld, who also voiced Bib Fortuna in Episode VI, is the third minor yet major contributor of the original Star Wars trilogy to pass away in recent months, following Boba Fett voice actor Jason Wingreen and R2-D2 creator Tony Dyson.

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