Bioware explained the SWTOR Free Server Transfers Issue

Did you catch the short Free Server Transfers Window?

It was testing, nothing more, nothing less. If you were lucky to catch that short window for a few hours yesterday, you transferred your character for free of charge. Eric Musco explained why this happened. It is NOT a precursor to server merges, just a simple Bioware Dev team testing following an issue regarding the Transfers players have been experiencing lately.

Here’s what Musco said:

► Complimentary Server Transfers | 04.13.2016, 08:33 AM

Hey folks,

Just to clear up any confusion. Yes, server transfers did end up free for a period of a few hours last night. However, this isn’t a permanent change. There is also no need to panic as this isn’t a precursor to anything.

We had received reports that players were experiencing problems over the past few days with Character Transfers. We were doing some testing with the Character Transfer service to resolve this issue and the price going to zero was a side effect of that testing. Some very observant players were able to benefit from that testing . Apologies for any confusion!


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