Tyrion Lannister’s dead body in The Witcher 3

Tyrion Lannister appears as a corpse in The Witcher 3

While roaming around the Skellige islands you will surely come across a small isle. By landing at Kaer Almhutt you will encounter a big group of pirates, who is taking shelter in the ruins to the south-west part  of the small piece of land.

Take the road from Kaer Almhutt, follow it to the entrance of the half-ruined keep. Clear the area of pirates. Be careful of the few ranged guys who might shoot arrows form the stairs or even take the higher ground by climbing to the 2nd floors. After the area is clear, be sure to loot all the stuff around, there are a lot of trashy items that Novigrad’s vendors might find useful and pay you a shiny penny for.

Near the entrance look to your right, Get inside the base of what I assume was once a watch tower. Take the narrow corridor and in the end turn left. On your way you will get pass 2 locked doors. The Pirate Leader is in the end, sitting next to the corpse of a tortured man. Kill the pirate, in his room there’s a bag, which contains the key to the 2 locked doors. In one of them you will find generic loot, it’s the 2nd one that interests us, really.

Inside it you will find the corpse of a Tyrion Lannister look-alike. Upon examination Geralt makes a nice comment about Sky Cells and Flying. It’s a nice easter egg, placed by CD Projekt Red, referring to J.R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire and HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series. What’s sad is that in the Witcher’s world Tyrion is dead and, thank God, in the books and TV show he is very much alive and is still one of the best characters Martin has ever created. The corpse has clothes very similar to what Tyrion wears while he’s imprisoned in the Sky Cell himself. It even has that ugly mark on his face.

In the video attached below you will see how I discovered this landmark InGame – both the right and hard ways. I had cleared off the small isle of pirates long ago, but just remembered to return for the Landmark/POI and discovered that. Better late than never. So, if you hadn’t seen that yet, well, now you have. :)

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Gymy-CF5piA?list=PL4Ov43efFNUZDv-UUkSWDeH5wJ_udAlZZ”]

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