Best of Star Wars in 2016, SWTOR briefly mentioned!

STAR WARS NEWS - Best of Star Wars in 2016, SWTOR briefly mentioned!

In an year full of Star Wars content, it wasn’t easy to pick the best?

In a lengthtly article collecting all the best Star Wars moments in 2016 mentions SWTOR as well. What’s funny, though, is that the highlight was on the epic “Betrayed” trailer, not the expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne itself.

The article splits all kinds of important moments from Star Wars Celebration, going through the Star Wars Rebels TV series and the YouTube’s The Star Wars Show, all the way to Video Games.

Likewise, 2016 also saw awesome support for the great games released in the previous years. The mobile Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes continues to see new content on a regular cadence, giving players access to more and more characters. There was the Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion and THAT trailer. The real powerhouse of the year, though, was Star Wars Battlefront, which has consistently seen downloadable content that vastly expanded its portrayal of the Star Wars universe. Indeed, Battlefront consistently hit release dates throughout 2016 that gave players reason to come back again and again, making it easy to forget it wasn’t actually released this year.

Of course, the best is saved for the last and not only because it was released last. Rogue One’s debut was outstanding, despite the much smaller advertisement campaign.

It’s a Star Wars film through and through, but it’s a new kind of Star Wars film. It’s a down-in-the-trenches war movie and it’s gritty. Yet it’s not empty grit, and the threat of violence is not there for kicks. These are people fighting for something, which we understand from frame one. And still, there’s a real sense of fun and humor and rising to meet life’s challenges, no matter the cost — an emotional backbone that the best Star Wars stories always have. The designs blend new ships and creatures and villains with the old, and the visual effects are a leap in what we thought was possible.

Check out the full article here.

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