Star Wars Battlefront II Credits Earning Changes and Faction Challenges

Better credit rewards per round and more crafting parts, you say? Hmmm!

As previously announced, EA is adding new content to Star Wars Battlefront 2 with the Star Wars The Last Jedi season. In fact, some are already in the game and available to players .

As of 5th December the main changes are:

  • 3x Credits in Arcade Mode – EA realized players are hitting the daily cap in this mode quicker than intended. The new reward for the Arcade Mode is now 1500 credits and the developing team is working on new content for this mode in the long-term.
  • Better rewards from Online Matches – more credit rewarded to players for each completed match and an incentive to perform better as the top players on the scoreboard will receive even higher rewards.
  • More Crafting Parts from Daily Crates – unfortunately, the Crates system is still settled hard into the heart of Battlefront 2’s progression system. At least with this improvement crafting the exact cards you need will be made a tiny bit easier.
  • Faction Challenges have begun – The first weekly Challenge will test even the most skilled combatant, tasking you with getting 50 kills with each trooper class. You don’t need to complete it before the next Challenge is added, though; each new weekly Challenge will be added to your Career page, and you’re able to complete them in any order. Just make sure you finish them before the end of the Season, otherwise you might miss out.

Here you can learn more about the First Season of Star Wars Battlefront 2. On 13th December Iden returns with new solo campaign content for free to all players (who own the game, of course).

Could this be the “4 mini steps in the right direction” How many side-steps are we going to discover in the coming days? EA is known to do that to their customers… :)


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