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If you follow my activities close, you have noticed I have not published new videos in a few days. This doesn’t happen often

That, to many, may come as a surprise. I know most of you don’t watch all videos I create and publish. For different reasons. Some don’t like all the content I present and are only interested in a specific aspect of my SWTOR channel. Others may be on a break before the expansion and are trying not to get involved with too much Jedi stuff, keeping fresh for 4.0. And some, D’OH, actually watch all videos on the day I publish them. I wish there were more of this type of people around :)))

A little more serious, please, Vulkk!

If you follow my website, you know I never stop the desperate attempt to stay informed of all things SWTOR and Star Wars happening on daily basis and inform you about them as well. The sooner, the better. Right? If you haven’t subscribed to my Newsletter and Blog Post via email, you can do that from the main menu – in its top right corner you will find the 2 magical buttons that will let you receive all articles/news/blogs I post on my website as soon as I click the “Publish” button.

The biggest reason I have not been publishing videos daily lately is because I am going crazy with The Witcher 3 – a fantastic open-world Action RPG with an insane amount of content in the form of quests, stories, plots, achievements, exploration and more, and more. For this game I have decided to do an informative and long Walkthrough. Remember the difference between Walk-through and Play-through? I know I am a few months too late to get the hype and hope for my videos to become uber popular. You know that’s not my main goal. I don’t make videos to be popular. If I did, I’d have to change many things in my workflow, behaviour, vocals, consistency of production and God knows what else. At the same time I want to expand my audience, but not at the expense of quality, contents and structure of my channel(s). The Witcher 3 Walkthrough will be all presented when I finish the game or when I am close enough to its end, to feel comfortable to start (or resume) uploading videos with Geralt. You may have noticed I started a while ago with a “TryMe” Episode, then a couple months later I began my regular episodes. They are up to Episode 6 now. However, I decided to not repeat the mistake I made with Dragon Age Inquisition and this time I’ll go for a real Walkthrough, try to make the story interesting and complete, cut out the gearing, roaming, exploring and crafting all the way to a point where it is present, to showcase and explain it, but not taking half an episode and bore you to death.

The Witcher 3 Walkthrough is also likely my biggest (possibly last) attempt to make a good use of VulkkVideos, my 2nd YouTube channel. So far I have gained decent subscriber count, but am sad to admit that most of these numbers came thanks to the Monthly Giveaway Competitions and many of you guys, who only care about my SWTOR content, subscribed just to throw in your support and/or get an entry for the Cartel Coins reward. While this is absolutely normal and I have expected it, I am a little sad with the fact that very few turned an eye and watched something from the channel after clicking the Sub button. I am fully aware that a new small multi-game channel is insanely hard to grow, that’s why I approached the progression and evolution of VulkkVideos this way. It’s still early to say if I was wrong to give it a try with this kind of a boost. I have seen a lot of my now favorite channels starting like this – with a friendly boost by another channel or social network.

After I finish the Witcher 3 Walkthrough, I will make a final decision if it is worth keeping 2 separate channels. If VulkkVideos does not grow on its own, I will merge it with VulkkSWTOR and benefit from its already established status. Yes, many of you may think this isn’t right and if you don’t care about non-SWTOR content from me, merging my 2 channels wont force you to start doing so. Of course not. But YouTube has its analytics and metrics. The old and already established (to some extend, at least) channel will be a better starting point. Another thing, let’s not forget that SWTOR is going solo mode and for the next year or so I may be limited to story videos and some class balancing here and there every other month or so. While this is great and I am eager to see the great Bioware Story, I want to be more active than this and when SWTOR doesn’t present real challenging and new content, I will fill the gaps in my free time with something else. I would surely want to share and show this “something else”. Some of you have already shared with me or “blamed me” for playing games they play at the same time or will do so soon. Or that I play games of absolutely no interest to them. Or games that are far too long to keep the viewer’s interest. Or… well… the list goes on. (Thansk for sharing! Feedback is very valuable!) For now the game I want to play and share outside of SWTOR and Star Wars is The Witcher 3. I have finished a few games already on VulkkVideos and have 2 series that are currently running.

If you wish to help me make a decision, please, feel free to share your opinion in the comments here or on Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you have contact with me.


that only pretends to be a Blog Post. I am still learning how to write or a Blog and if this was boring or wrongly structured, from a Pro Blogger PoV, by all means, educate me :)

I have selected this video from the already available ones from the Witcher 3 Walkthrough, as I consider it to be the one representing the series fully and best. Hope you will enjoy it.

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