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4 Facts about SWTOR that are simply NOT TRUE

SWTOR and KOTOR Malak and Revan

Have you wondered if all the things you head about SWTOR are true? It's now nearly 6 years since Star Wars The Old Republic was released. I cannot believe how fast time flew by. Today, while browsing the internet, I stumbled on a forum post where someone was asking for an advice if it's too…

August 2017 Patreon Roundup: Summer Changes


Wow, this month felt like it slipped away quicker than it should have! Here are the most important Patreon-related highlights I would like to... ugh... highlight for you, in case you might have missed them when they were fresh! Welcome, new Patrons! This month I long-supporting Patron of mine canceled due to interest changes and…

Relive the Horrors of DEAD SPACE with Vulkk

Dead Space Playtrough Live Stream

A great survival horror game from before EA became a... horror I've teased you a few times on Twitter and Facebook in the past couple of days - I've decided to replay Dead Space (possibly the 2nd and 3rd games too) and would like to offer you the chance to accompany me in that journey… Partnered up with Kinguin. So, what now? Kinguin Partnership

Greetings, friends! Today I have good news for both you and me. A week ago a representative from contacted me with an offer to partner up. The original terms were nothing special - the same affiliate program that everyone can join. After a few days of of discussion and dialogue, I received a much…

SWTOR Extra Life Kick-Off was AMAZING!

SWTOR ExtraLife Post Thumbnail

Good cause, great community, fantastic social experience. I loved this event! I've had so much fun this Saturday evening, I don't think I can explain it properly with words. For the third year I am a part of the Wookiee Alliance SWTOR Extra Life Team. For the 3rd time I participate in a Musco-focused special…

Live Event: Opening over a 100 Gwent Kegs

GWENT Kegs How to get them, Are they worth it, Pricing Models

Gwent has finally transitioned into Open Beta on 24th May 2017. CD Projekt Red calls it Public Beta, by the way, which is exactly the same. It was also stated long before the end of the Closed Beta that all decks and cards will be reset. With the release of Open Beta the developers also…