Everything about SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 12: Visions in the Dark and Patch 4.3

Chapter XII’s all choices, both sides, various classes and roles

SWTOR’s Fallen Empire Chapter XII Storyline is already released and here I present to you a selection of videos – full playthroughs and walkthroughs, cinematics, and highlights from the best moments and decisions your character can and should make.

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JEDI KNIGHT (Light Side)

This was my first Playthrough of the chapter and right after I completed it, I truly and honestly claimed it to be the best Fallen Empire chapter to date! We, among the community, have now started asking who the hell wrote this one? How can it be so much better than all others?

Playthrough and Cinematics
SWTOR KOTFE Chapter XII – ‘Visions in the Dark’ Playthrough            SWTOR KOTFE Chapter XII – ALL CINEMATICS (Jedi Knight)
Best moments highlights
SWTOR KOTFER – “My loyalties lie here” (Chapter XII Highlight)         SWTOR KOTFE – ‘Everyone has limits’ (Chapter XII HIghlight)         SWTOR KOTFE – ‘Nothing prepared me to face that enemy’ (Chapter XII Highlight) SWTOR KOTFE – ‘Just the way I like it’ (Chapter XII Highlight)         SWTOR KOTFE – ‘I follow my own path, not yours!’ (Chapter XII Highlight)         SWTOR KOTFER – ‘There’s no defeat I can’t overcome’ (Chapter XII Highlight)


The Chapter offered interesting and very dramatic choices for a typical Sith styled answers and Skorks used absolutely all chances given to him to insult and trash the Jedi and their culture. He even attempted to kill Satele Shan!

SWTOR: KOTFE Chapter XII – “Visions in the Dark” Dark Side Warrior Walkthrough


SWTOR KOTFE: Chapter XII ‘Visions in the Dark’ – Trooper Walkthrough

Reclaimed Treasure Alliance Mission

This guide will help you complete the Alliance Mission Alert named “Reclaimed Treasure” and give you an option to recruit (or not!) the Deshade Ak’ghal Usar. Click on the banner below to read the full guide and watch the attached video.

SWTOR GUIDE - SWTOR 'Reclaimed Treasure' Alliance Mission Guide

The Visionary Cartel Packs

SWTOR Live: Opening 30x Visionary Cartel Packs HYPERCRATE

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