Complete SWTOR Datacrons Guide | Star Wars Galactic History

Not just another SWTOR Datacrons Guide! Take a look for yourself!

Each video is a standalone codex entry. It shows both the path to the Datacron and the lore hidden behind it. The lore I read during the videos is taken directly from SWTOR’s database. It is the short story revealed to the player after discovering the Datacron and obtaining its knowledge and power.

The playlist Star Wars History & Lore: SWTOR Datacrons Locations Guide is available on YouTube as well.

Introduction to the Guide

The Opening Video contains basic instructions and tutorial on how the SWTOR Datacrons work and what was changed with SWTOR Patch 4.0. If you start playing the Intro video, all others will continue playing after it automatically. I have loaded the whole playlist. This means you can sit back and enjoy the Gameplay, History and Lore all together.

Or, if you prefer, scroll down and browse them individually. I have divided the videos into categories. Not just by planet or faction alone, but by Planet + Numeric Value from the codex of the game. Enjoy!

Hutta (01 – 03)

Coruscant (04 – 07)

Tython (09-11)

Ord Mantel (12-14)

Korriban (15 – 17)

Dromund Kaas (18-22)

Taris (Republic 23 – 27)

Balmorra (Empire 28 – 32)

Nar Shaddaa (33 – 37)

Tatooine (38-42)

Alderaan (43-47)

Taris (Empire 48 – 52)

Balmorra (Republic 53-57)

Quesh (58-60)

Corellia (61-62)

Hoth (63-67)

Belsavis (68-72)

Voss (73-77)

Corellia (78-82)

Ilum (83-87)

Please, if you find any links broken or leading to the wrong entry, let me know and I’ll fix them ASAP.


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