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A Quick Inquisitor Story Recap until the moment when I stopped the series

Shortly before SWTOR Patch 4.0 I put the Good Togruta Assassin Walkthrough Series on hold. Now, a couple months later, the series return. Sianka is very eager to finish obtaining the spirits, so she can face Darth Thanaton. The story below is sourced from the SWTOR Wiki and it is cut right where my Video Walkthrough’s last episode from 12th October ended.

If you have missed these 19 episodes, the Christmas Holiday may be a good chance for you to catch up. I guarantee, you will see some cutscenes and dialogues that you never thought exist. The series are called Good Togruta Assassin for a reason :)



The Sith Inquisitor, a former slave, starts on Korriban’s Sith Academy  to undergo training to become Sith. It is revealed that the most promising trainee will become the new apprentice to Lord Zash. The young Sith prevails through the early trials and is sent (along with the final apprentice candidate) to the Tomb of Naga Sadow and tasked to uncover its secrets. After discovering a hidden chamber of Tulak Hord and defeating its Dashade inhabitant, Khem Val, into submission, the Sith Inquisitor returns to the Sith Academy and claims the honor of being Lord Zash’s apprentice. Zash instructs her new apprentice to meet her on Dromund Kaas.

Dromund Kaas

Upon arriving in Dromund Kaas, the Inquisitor encounters a powerful Sith Lord named Darth Skotia, who boastsTrandoshan bodyguards and a body of expensive cybernetics. Skotia is hostile to the apprentice and tells the Inquisitor that he does not know Zash’s plans but will attempt stop them, whatever they might be. Zash is agitated by this and deploys the apprentice across Dromund Kaas on errands that will ultimately cumulate into Skotia’s downfall. After recovering a tablet of extreme religious importance to the Trandoshans as a race and procuring an experimental device called the Cybernetic Nullifier, which is designed to negate cybernetic enhancements, the apprentice confronts Skotia. Using the tablet to blackmail the guards and the Nullifier to disrupt Skotia’s cybernetics, the apprentice and Khem Val are able to mortally wound Skotia, who with his final breaths warns the apprentice that s/he is next. Zash is ecstatic at her apprentice’s victory, but is suspected by a powerful Sith and Zash’s superior, Darth Thanaton.

Zash had orchestrated Skotia’s assassination so that she simply couldn’t be the one who killed him, because she was at the cantina when her apprentice struck him down. However, she had to go to answer Darth Thanaton. Her Apprentice was a little worried, but when s/he met Zash at Skotia’s old offices, she had received the title of Darth. With that scheme successful, and Skotia’s records now hers, Zash sent her apprentice to the Dark Temple to obtain Tulak Hord’s artifact from a Sith apparition. As the apprentice approached the tomb where the artifact was being kept, the apparition appeared. Believing the apprentice to be a threat, it attacks, but stopped soon, and then explained that he was the SithLord Kallig, Tulak Hord’s greatest rival, and the apprentice’s ancestor. The apprentice believed his story and was allowed to take the artifact, but Kallig advised him to be careful, due to Sith’s deceptive nature. Zash then contacted him/her and urged him/her to return. She had learned that the artifact the apprentice found was only one out of five. The other four artifacts had been hidden all over the galaxy. So far Zash had learned locations of the artifacts on Balmorra and Nar Shaddaa. Zash gave her apprentice a ship for the search.

Chapter 1


On Balmorra, the apprentice had to work with Imperial Major Bessiker to locate the artifact. The Major knew where the artifact was located, but its resting place had become a toxic pit due to the recent war with the Republic. That didn’t stop the apprentice. Eventually, the apprentice managed to obtain the artifact with a serum that made him/her immune to the toxic vault’s effects.

Nar Shaddaa

On Nar Shaddaa, the apprentice had to claim the artifact from a renegade Sith Lord Paladius, leader of a cult of the impovershed. With the assistance of two former members of the cult, the apprentice is able to make his own cult and obtain the artifact.

While sleeping on his/her ship, the apprentice got a surprise visit from Lord Kallig. He came to warn him/her about Zash. Ever since the apprentice left from his tomb, Zash had been visiting the Dark Temple regularly, performing strange rituals in Kallig’s tomb. The exact nature of these rituals was unclear even for Kallig, but he was certain they were meant to harm the apprentice. Plus, Zash had taken up two new apprentices. All this indicated that Zash was planning something that will ruin Kallig’s desire to restore his legacy. To that end, Kallig asked the apprentice to go to Korriban and obtain Kallig’s mask from a Sith Lord there. The apprentice took Kallig’s warning to the heart and obtained the mask. The idea was to prepare the apprentice for Zash’s plans. Zash later contacted the apprentice and informed that she had learned the locations of the two remaining artifacts, on Tatooine and Alderaan.


While on Tatooine, the apprentice recruits the aid of a former pirate captain, Andronikos Revel, who was mutineed and abandoned by his crew, taking an artifact of Tulak Hord with them. The apprentice teams up with Andronikos to obtain the artifact and also help him get his revenge.


On Alderaan, the apprentice learned that the artifact was inside the House Organa Vault, and he needed to eliminate the Jedi Knight Nomar Organa in order to acquire it. Upon Nomar’s death, the apprentice gains access to the vault and retrieves the final artifact of Tulak Hord.

The apprentice then returns to Dromund Kaas, where s/he is heralded by Darth Thanaton, who warns him to be wary of Zash. Also, Lord Kallig appears again and directs the apprentice to Nar Shaddaa to obtain his personal lightsaber from a family retainer.

The apprentice returns again to Dromund Kaas and confronts Zash, who is in the Dark Temple wearing a veil. Zash removes the veil, revealing her true appearance to be old and decayed. Zash intended to swap bodies with her apprentice so she may live on. A duel ensues between Zash and her apprentice, with Zash eventually gaining the upperhand and about to complete the ritual when Khem interfers and kills Zash’s body. However, Zash’s conscience transfers to Khem’s body. However, Khem’s conscience never left its own body, forcing both Zash and Khem Val to share the Dashade’s body. Thankfully, Zash had promoted her apprentice to the rank of Lord so that she would be of higher rank when she possessed her apprentice. The apprentice takes on the role of Lord Kallig, assuming this title to carry on his/her ancestor’s legacy. At the same time, s/he receives a nice number of followers.

Chapter 2

The Inquisitor, now named Lord Kallig, is approached by Darth Thanaton, who explains the importance of Sith tradition and how Zash’s ideas flew in the face of that tradition. Thanaton offers to take Kallig as his apprentice and tasks Kallig with entering the tomb of a dead Sith alchemist and acquire his teachings. Upon arriving in the tomb, Kallig is attacked by the ghost of the alchemist, but is saved by the his/her ancestor who tells Kallig that Thanaton sends those he wishes dead on this suicidal errand. Kallig’s ancestor directs them to another Sith ghost, who teaches Kallig an ancient ritual called Force-walking, which allows the Sith to capture a Sith or Jedi ghost, containing them and tapping into their power. Kallig captures the ghost of the one who taught them and the ghost of the alchemist. Kallig’s ancestor warns them that this is the last time they shall receive help from him, and then disappears. Kallig then gathers the alchemist’s writings and returns to Thanaton, who is surprised and impressed by Kalligs survival, but upset that it had to come to direct conflict, saying that Kallig’s death was a terrible waste. After setting two Sith warriors on Kallig, who easily kills them, Thanaton intervenes directly, using his considerable power and knowledge to defeat Kallig. Believing Kallig dead, Thanaton orders an apprentice to give Kallig an honorable burial before leaving. Zash’s former apprentices, now loyal to the Inquisitor, wake Kallig from unconsciousness and warn him/her that Thanaton has left the planet and that they should leave immediately. It is revealed that the only reason the Inquisitor survived was because of the two ghosts that they had captured. Since the ghosts were already dead, they chained Kallig to this world, preventing him/her from dying. Kallig flees Dromund Kaas and goes to find more Sith and Jedi ghosts to capture, gaining strength so that the Inquisitor can defeat Thanaton.


Kallig goes to Taris, where the Inquisitor not only captures the ghost of a powerful Jedi, but also corrupt a romanceable young Jedi Padawan, Ashara Zavros, who is the descendant of the ghost. Afterwards, Kallig receives a call from his or her two apprentices, explaining that they hade stolen the key to Darth Thanaton’s, meditation chamber, but that Thanaton had sent Lord Cerullion, a Sith in Thanaton’s pocket, after them.


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