Bioware Provided Me With Great Rewards Thumbnail Template - Blog Post
Yesterday Eric Musco showed me that Bioware cares about their connection with the fans and the community

While talking via emails to the Community Manager for Bioware Austin (a totally unrelated subject), Eric Musco, yesterday he randomly asked me a question:

Do you want codes for things (such as cartel coins) to give away on any of your channels. Is that something you would be interested in?”

…he wrote me. You can guess the answer, heh.

So, starting this week with the already going on First Edition of my New Weekly Game and the regular Monthly Giveaway, I will be sharing the goods with you, guys. He provided me with a ton of codes for M8 Droids Pets, 450 CC and 2400 CC. A huge amount of them I will share with you during and around the launch of SWTOR Patch 4.0 to celebrate it properly on both Twitch and YouTube. Rest will be random rewards for activity on my channels – sharing, commenting, just generally supporting my efforts.

I will keep the Monthly Giveaway, which is my own activity out of my own Cartel Coins pool, as well as the Weekly Games, because I do like them both and the way they are growing and developing. The codes from Bioware will be just an extra.

Stay tuned. Stay Active. Stay great. :)))

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