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This blog post presents an important question: “How is the performance of on YOUR PC?”

WordPress is not the fastest platform.

Let’s start with that. My website is built on WordPress, like most modern websites created by non-professional coders or normal people, who cannot afford to pay hundreds (or thousands) of green/red/blue papers with funny faces and signs on their sides. I choose WordPress, because with the basic html/css knowledge I have, I know to be capable of managing, editing and upgrading it on my own. It was a big deal being able to maintain the website on my own, as you very well know, I do my content alone and with my own powers/capabilities and budgets. Well, I do receive a boost from my Patreon campaign and various tips often. Thanks, guys!

I had a dream once.

Today this (well, one of many :P) dream is  a fact. I have always wanted to have my own website, to share news, blog posts and most of all – my videos. I bought the domain and hosting in October 2014, but for a reason I prefer not to mention now, was unable to start my project. That’s why saw the wide wild word in July 2015. I’ve learned a lot since I started it and keep learning and adapting every day!


Something worth mentioning first – my website is about video content most of all, so, naturally, there’s a huge amount of pictures and banners on pretty much all and any pages you open. This may cause a slight delay, but… it wont justify or excuse uber slow loading times. And, also, keep in mind that even though we are in 2015, your region and ISP may also be a factor, sometimes, in some rare occasions.

Here is the main reason why I am writing the blog post. I have recently upgraded my hosting plan to the best available to me. My host company is GoDaddy and they offer 3 standard plans for normal websites. By normal I mean affordable shared servers, not a personal one. The website is hosted by GoDaddy, not in my home, not at my office, certainly not on a Bioware server, although, that would have explained the slow loading for some of you ^^.

So, the upgrade was made about a week ago. I tweaked a few things to make it as light as possible. Tested, removed and added new plugins to help me to that better and more efficient. Now, as it stands, the website behaves a lot better and loads a lot faster. I personally still get the “Waiting for” message often, but GoDaddy CS said there’s nothing they can do to speed this up (it takes more than 10s sometimes!).

Please, let me know, how it behaves on your end. I will do my best to THANK YOU* for your time and feedback :)

I have made a new poll, which I may extend and “promote” to be the October Poll. All depends on your opinions and votes. If you have any knowledge about WordPress and want to share personal experience with me to help change things for the better, feel free to write me anywhere – comments here, PM, Facebook, Twitter.

Lastly, the Hosting plan is called “Ultimate”, but there’s nothing ultimate really about it. It’s ~$15 per month and even though it’s a bit too much, it’s still within my capabilities for payments. It’s more than clear I cannot afford a dedicated server service, hehe. If you think there’s a much better hosting company, forward me to them, so I can check out what they offer and is it suitable for me. By the way, my Facebook opens slow lately too. And we can’t really blame them for having slow servers, I guess. It depends more or less on the content of each page we browse too.

Here’s a link to one of the many tests I perform every day and multiple times per day :)


Here is the poll itself. Note that you are allowed to pick more than one answer.

The * means I have prepared a special reward for one lucky person who leaves me a comment here on this blog post. How special it will be, depends on the number of comments and the activity you show. I prefer not to mention it, so the post wont attract unwanted comments-spam and just valuable and good feedback, not based on a pending reward :)

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