5k Mark and New Beginning

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VulkkSWTOR reached 5k Subscribers tonight. This is the mark of something NEW and Exciting!

As I wrote on Twitter and Facebook just now:

Thank you for your support and appreciation for what I am doing on the channel.

With this also comes important news! I waited, talked about it, considered, asked my audience. Now I have finally decided. The first 5k subscriptions for VulkkSWTOR were earned because of my dedication to the game and my true love for Star Wars. I will keep that for the future. What I want to add is new content. With SWTOR going more solo and story focused in Patch 4.0, and with the high possibility of me not taking the high-end approach at the re-scaled operations (“progression”) I may find myself having more free time. My channel will remain mainly focused on the game and all I do in it will be shown. As soon as there is a change or a class balance batch, I will cover that. Guides, Tutorials and Walkthroughs will remain being my main focus.

As of today I am putting an end of the non Star Wars games embargo on VulkkSWTOR. It lasted for almost 2 and a half years since its creation! For almost an year I kept these activities “secret and hidden” over at my 2nd channel VulkkVideos, but some of the other games I play or played, I ended up loving and enjoying so much, that I believe they deserve a wider audience.

That’s why starting almost immediately, you will begin receiving notifications of
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt videos on my main channel.

I hope you will accept this major change positively. I promise it will NOT hurt my SWTOR activities. I just want to share the other games I play with bigger audience. Often the games I play are older or have never been in the spot, so I don’t aim to make viral videos. All I want is to have fun and share it around with whoever has a bit of a spare time to enjoy a good video. I want my approach and take on the gameplay to be shown. I am more than aware of the fact that a multi channel may be a dagger in my back, but I am willing to take on the hate and even dislikes on non SWTOR videos until I prove to myself and you all that this is a good decision and beneficial for us all. :)

I am not closing down VulkkVideos, it will just not house The Witcher 3 any more.

In the end… why so scared, why so careful with this change? My channel was known and still is, AND WILL BE, for SWTOR content with good quality, quantity and I am proud to be able to show all my passion for the game and Star Wars in general to every single viewer stumbling upon my creations. I am unsure if expanding and including other games (not random ones, just these I like a lot and REALLY WANT TO SHOW) is going to be accepted positively.

After all… if you don’t like The Witcher 3 or any other game that may appear on my channel, you don’t have to click and watch the video ^^

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/IVEhEE9YnPg?showinfo=0″]

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