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Recently I have upgraded further the parameters of my website hosting plan and have added extra resources. New QoL features for posts also found its way in!

While being ill and having troubles speaking, I have decided to delay the already planned next Episode of Sianka’s adventures, but this could not stop me from writing. I have decided to share some, hopefully, great news and one warning.

Upgrades and Bills

About a week ago I have decided to renew my host with GoDaddy for my website and upgraded to the Ultimate plan for shared server host offer (it’s the best I can afford). Additionally I have also purchased an upgrade to the resource level for the website’s needs. Now it is the highest the company offers. As I was on a spending spree, I have decided to throw some more money and get a CDN service. For those who may not know, CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. In other words, they store locally in various locations cached version of my static files from the website and offer them to visitors. In theory (and in reality, as we see) it improves significantly the load times.

So one after another, from $5 per month, my bills now rose up to ~$28. Yeah, it’s a small amount, you’d say, but it all adds up. I wanted to turn my dream of owning a website into reality and was prepared to pay for it. Now, I am debating with myself whether I should add advertisement (ads) to I don’t expect them to bring me any income, but as little as it would be, sooner or later it will happen, because Winter is Coming and monthly bills rise by a huge amount during the “cold months”.

For now, I just want to share good news with you. While I still notice slow loading at times and issues I still cannot explain, except with the easiest “Blame it to the Host Company!“, I am determined to do all I can and give everything I am capable of, to clear as many of the issues as possible. While would never be as quick as a professional website that feeds a whole bunch of people with its content, I want to have a successful personal page where you are certain to always visit for the latest changes about the games and things I and you care about. Obviously, if you follow me, you most likely are a big Star Wars fan, just like I am and we both play SWTOR, our favorite MMO.

New features and tools

Here we are. Finally at the fun part of the post. Some very basic features that I wanted from day 1, were missing until today. Let’s say a couple words about each one of them. I don’t know if I did right by deeming these features secondary needs and not a main priority. After all, my website is meant to be mostly a video embed hub or host for my Youtube and Twitch content.

Image Zoom

This allows you to click on a picture on my articles and zome it right on the spot, without opening a new tab for it. It’s a simple plugin that does the job for me and you, but since I struggled for a long time to like one of the millions available for this tools, I didn’t rush to add just any random one that caught my eye. The name is simple enough: “Image Zoom” and its description goes like this:

Allow to dynamically zoom on images in posts/pages/… When clicked, the image will dynamically scale-up. Please note that you have to insert image normally with the wordpress embedded editor.You may configure:The max width/height of the image; The transition delay; The position of the buttons; The auto-start of the slideshow; the opacity of the background; the pages to be excluded. If the image does not scale-up, please verify that the HTML looks like the following : <a href=’ ‘><img src=’ ‘></a>.This plugin implements the colorbox javascript library. This plugin is under GPL licence.

Take a look at my Lore Update post 1 and post 2 about The Witcher 3 to see what I mean.

Table of Contents

Heh. The most simple thing and at the same time one of the most useful tools for any and every long article. I realized how much I need to add this around the time I was writing my notes from the Musco Live Stream last Wednesday. The plugin is called “Table of Contents Plus” and is arguably the most popular one. Probably that’s why the author decided it doesn’t need a long description and introduction:

A powerful yet user friendly plugin that automatically creates a table of contents. Can also output a sitemap listing all pages and categories.

I really like that tool. It’s easy to insert and manage and adds a great extra layer of functionality to every website with longer articles.

Scroll To Top Button

D’OH! How could I have waited to get this functioning for so long. I am wondering how many of you may have been pissed off at me because of endless scrolling trying to read some longer post from me. The little button appears on the lower right on any page as soon as you scroll down and lose the top row, including the home page.

A simple plugin for displaying a scroll to top button in bottom right corner.

The options it offers for tweaking are more than simple – dark or light design and small or large layout. I, obviously, went for small size and dark theme. Originally I told myself… hmm.. bigger is better, because i’d be easier to locate, target and press, but it turned out to be nearly 1/4th of the thumbnail of my videos when you view the website on a mobile device (tablet or phone).


There is no such thing as a conclusion in an ever evolving process. Instead of putting an end, I leave it open to my most loyal and regular visitors and supporters to help me with feedback, as you have done in the past :)

Thanks for reading!

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