The biggest Darth Vader statue I have ever owned! Thumbnail Template - Blog Post

A 50cm (20 inches) tall Darth Vader Statue will watch over me while I play and stream!

I don’t have much to say at the moment about it, except that I just got an early Christmas present and am very happy with it. D’OH! I’m like as happy as a small child. I guess it’s understandable as when I was a kid, these things were just a mirage… The statue/toy costs 50 BGN, which is ~€25/$30 in the local “store”, I was present when we bought it during the today’s “genuine shop-day Saturday”. The choice was Kylo Ren, Darth Vader or Chewie.

Will make a video about it maybe in the next few days. You will have a chance to see these two great villains pretty much every time I am recording or live streaming to YouTube and Twitch with my webcam on. They will both sit on my back and enjoy my gameplay together with me and all of you :)))

Yup, made a few quick pictures with my bad phone-camera. Will come up with something cooler later, hopefully. More light and better camera :P

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