SWTOR Back to 2012: Explosive Conflict on Denova at 50

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Relics from the past – Denova at 50?!

I wanted to find both the earliest run I have ever done and, if possible, some Hard Modes. I also hoped I had recordings of my Shadow Ida tanking the bosses. Well, I could not. What I embedded down below is the oldest video I have from Explosive Conflict on Denova SWTOR Operation. It’s from the Summer of 2012. I was still in my old SWG guild (and the one I started SWTOR with) – Old Republic Alliance (ORA). We were farming ops like mad on many alts. Most of you have probably never seen this video. I played my commando Kros there and it was uploaded to my first YouTube channel – “ORA Guild”, some 1 year before I created VulkkSWTOR. My old channel is still online, but inactive (no need to subscribe to it now :P).

While we were raiding yesterday Denova HM for the first time in… YEARS… I started remembering what a big jump this ops was in terms of challenge, mechanics and gear stats, compared to the EZ-mode EV and KP. Denova SM felt more challenging than EV and KP NiM at the time. HM was a true players skill tester :)

By the way, I did not re-watch it now before I posted this, so who knows what crap we might be talking about and commenting live on Vent. Oh, yes, we used Ventrilo, hehe :)))

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/FQF0fPJIbmw”]

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