Update on my Patreon Goals – Time to focus on pro upgrades!


Green Screen and Streaming PC are no longer just a dream of mine

For over an year or maybe even two, I’ve been thinking how and if I could do my live streams and local recordings + renderings with a Dual PC system. One machine for the game, a second one for the rendering, editing and all the processing operations. That would not just allow me to have fun in the games I play (you know – SWTOR and Witcher 3), but also significantly lower the down-time. Currently when I render videos for YouTube, I cannot play at the same time. Sometimes (often, D’OH!) I let the PC render instead of doing another live stream or record even more content while playing my favorite game.

First, I’ll tell you what I am aiming for and why

71M7czB9rOL._SL1500_I am aiming at something like this Rode NT-USB Microphone and thanks to the wonderful people who are my current Patrons, I will be able to purchase it next month (or February 2016), hopefully.

A few weeks ago I finally got a new SSD, because running Windows 10 + SWTOR + SWTOR PTS was impossible on my main 120GB SSD.6107SqWd0AL._SL1500_

Now, onto even more pro stuff – Green screen and eventually… at some point… finally… a new 2nd
Streaming Dedicated PC. It’s not just for streaming, it will render, process and pretty much all the background things needed for a complete finished video to appear in your mail box or YouTube notifications :P

Does it sound bold and a little too risky, asking for this kind of support openly?

Asking for financial support is always scary. I don’t think it’s just for me. It’s for everybody in my spot. Every person who one day decided to start their own little channel and upload their gameplay videos, grows a nice steady audience and awareness. The viewers start asking for more things and despite the poor guy’s desire to do all these things, he finds himself in a complete lack of time for all of it.

Why can’t I purchase these things out of my real life jobs and YouTube earnings?

I’d like to once again point out that my channel is partnered with Machinima, a multy-channel network or MCN. They allow me to publish gameplay videos. Unfortunately they have no power over the greedy and annoying companies (such as SME) who own the OST and music from the games I play. Machinima also takes a big cut out of the total earnings for that “service” they provide. Here you can check my current balance for YouTube, but these are the raw estimated numbers and before the MCN takes its cut.

Here’s an interesting reason why I find it hard to purchase upgrades at the pace I find myself NEEDING them :)

bulgarian monthly wages in BGN

This chart tells us that an average Bulgarian working man earns a little under €450 per month. Well, mine’s higher. While I was upgrading my PC for my personal needs, I had little trouble. Things are different now. My channel is not exactly my little corner any more. SWTOR is not popular enough and for 2.5 years VulkkSWTOR grew up to 6k. That could have been 2-3 times more if I was doing my videos for a more popular game, because, believe me, I do know how to spam and self advertise. At least well enough to get me going. Even though my channel is still small in the global sence, I am more than happy that many of you constantly return to my content, asking for more, new and updated guides and tutorials. That’s the best thing for me to create and the hardest as well.

I absolutely struggle to find the damn time for making decent,
detailed and interested video and/or written guides

Unloading the video rendering off to a 2nd PC would free up a lot of hours for me. Time I can spend elsewhere, on a more interesting activities – both InGame, and in the so called “AFK Life” :P

Just in case you didn’t know, I published a detailed article with my full hardware specs of my machine. It can be found here.

That’s all, folks!

Check out my Patreon goals. If you feel like you have a couple bucks too much in your pockets, consider spending them on my campaign. After all, Patreon is just another tool for donations, but with it, at least I can provide some rewards back to the people for their commitment and generosity.

All that’s left is to paste the link one more time, in case you forgot to click on the big white banner on the top ^^


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