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Easy access to Guides, better layout in the top section and more

Hi, everyone!

It’s been a while since I last wrote an article about updates on my website. Not that I have been sitting idle. It’s just that now I made a few important ones that have been bothering me for a long time and for various reasons I was unable to implement them until this week (and even today :P)

Easy access to my Guides

ss (2015-12-18 at 07.53.19)Well, recently I published quite a few guide articles. I know, videos are still my main way of expressing myself and telling you what you (hopefully!) want and need to see and hear, but I do like the occasional guides in written form that enrich and expand on my videos. Another cool bonus is that I can always go back and edit an article, where as with a video this is much much harder to to, close to impossible even.

On the main menu you will now find a new button that opens a new drop-down menu showing my:

  • Latest SWTOR Guides
  • Latest Witcher Guides
  • Recently Updated Guides (from both categories)

I publish them originally as blog posts in the Blog category, but because I spend so very long on each of the guides I have published so far (and will in the future), I wanted them to be more visible on the front page and easier to find and access.

The top banner is now less annoying

I know that most people browsing internet use AdBlockers for everything, but since I need to pay my hosting and other bills, I had to add banners with ads on the website. Did my best to integrate them in a way they would NOT bother you while you read the important areas where the “real” content is. Here’s also to express my thanks to those who visit my website without AdBlocker (or have white-listed it specifically). Since I have ads on, I am able to pay more than half of the monthly bills for the hosting.

ss (2015-12-18 at 07.52.05)

About the nasty banner. Well, it’s a horizontal one. Until today it was sitting on the very top, leaving an ugly empty space to the right of my logo. Today I have managed (again with the help of my brother :P) to put that banner where it belongs – next to the logo, in one row. Also I changed/upgraded the logo itself. Think the new one is more funky and cool. What’s your opinion?

Added non-video links to the front page slider

This change was again related and originating from the fact that I wanted my written guides to be more visible and accessible. I have created some extra articles to accompany my videos lately and instead of just linking to the video guides, I now put a link to the whole article that contains the video itself as well as the written addition of the guide. Examples are my Operator IX HM, Styrak HM and Witcher 3 Archgriffin guides.

The video

[iframe id=””]

That’s about all for now. Enjoy the content I publish, because I sure do love making it. It sounds weird, but I do these partly for myself, to keep me entertained and also learn new stuff, not only about the games I love to play, but also about new techniques, mechanics, tricks on how to keep upgrading the presentation of my content.

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