Good and bad news come to us regarding the Operations loot

Starting with SWTOR Patch 4.1, which will come together with Chapter X, will grant a 100% chance for an item with rating 224 to drop from the last boss of each operation. All the other bosses in all operations will keep having a chance to drop a 224 token, but not guaranteed. There’s no official info as to what the chances are in percentage, nor if they will be changed compared to the current ones.

► January Producer Live Stream Wrap-up | 01.15.2016, 09:37 AM

Hey folks,

One of the questions that came up on the stream was around Loot in Nightmare Operations. I said I would post the answer on the forums after the stream, so here is the update that I have.

Starting in Game Update 4.1 (with Chapter X) the final boss in a Nightmare Operation will now have a 100% chance to drop a 224 item. All other bosses in the Op will still have a chance to drop 224, but it is not guaranteed.


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