In relations to the newly announced upcoming Crafting changes for Patch 4.1, Bioware is adapting the armor sets attached to the Fresh level 60 Characters purchased by tokens. This change is also provoked by the undesired by Bioware player behavior – players creating lvl 60 characters just to extract the gear and delete them after that.

Here is the original post made by Eric Musco

► Changes to Start at 60 Armor | 01.26.2016, 08:02 PM

Right now, when you make a brand new Start at 60 character, the armor that your character is wearing is Bind on Legacy. This has allowed players to make characters with the purpose of moving that armor appearance around to other characters. What we have seen on our side is that this has created a large increase in players creating characters just to get the armor sets, and then deleting those characters. This has created a negative impact on the data side. In order address this, we need to make some changes to how that gear works.

Starting in Game Update 4.1, the gear that comes with a Start at 60 character will be Bind on Pickup. This change will also affect all existing Start at 60 gear. Now, we know that there is a lot of interest in having those appearance available to characters. So here is a list of where you can attain those appearances in-game in 4.1:

  • Sith Warrior – Alliance Supply Crate
  • Sith Inquisitor – Alliance Supply Crate
  • Imperial Agent – Crafted (Grade 8)
  • Bounty Hunter – Crafted (Grade 8)
  • Jedi Knight – Alliance Supply Crate
  • Jedi Consular – Crafted (Grade 8)
  • Smuggler – Crafted (Grade 8)
  • Trooper – Crafted (Grade 9)

Note that all of this gear is currently Faction specific. We are looking into adding non-Faction specific versions in the future.

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