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After hard work and a lot of fantastic help from my loyal and supportive Patrons, I am proud to present before you the redesigned home page of my website. It’s simpler and clear. Offers the most recent information right before your eyes while also reminds you of the most important links to articles and videos that you should not miss.

Let’s take a look (skip the video embed if you prefer this in a text form, the article below is the core and script for the video)

The Video Version

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What was and what is

First, let me share why I made the change and what was wrong with the old design (click here to see a screenshot of it). While the main idea of my website is still the same, to provide another way of accessing my video content and further enhance the experience , also wants to be informative, helpful and useful for all of you! When I created and released the website online, it was meant to have more videos than news and blogs, but as I started writing articles, I realized they are interesting to create, they are useful to my visitors and readers and, most of all, they are the most visited part of my website. The old design featured a huge amount of my latest videos on the front page as well as a column in the Side Bar with the latest posts. What, I now think, was wrong with it, was the decision to make it all about the pictures. There was a very small amount of actual text on the front page and all the thumbnails/icons/featured images were creating a clutter. In the end it was harder to find what’s what and the structure of panels, widgets and sections wasn’t clear enough. New visitors had troubles finding out what’s what and why is it there quick and easy with just one look.

Now, with the new design, I have simplified things a lot. Thanks to the pledges from my Patrons, I am able to purchase upgrades, tools and plug-ins to make changes and what you see here is a direct result of one such purchase. But let’s take it from the top!

VULKKcom home page layoutMain Menu

Recently I reorganized the video categories and created a structure that allows for easier and quicker navigation through the many (MANY!) videos I have created. That update was done a few weeks ago, but it was step 1 of my plan to reorganize the website according to your needs and behavior.

Main Area


The first thing you would see is the big thumbnail with some of my best videos. This is the “Featured” section. The videos and articles I link here are custom selected by me and I update them frequently.

Recent Videos

Right below that are the 3 smaller thumbnails. This is the newest plug-in I have purchased ($29, D’OH!). It’s everybody’s favorite type – a “horizontal scroll”. By default it would keep rotating a bunch of videos, starting with the most recent ones. If you mouse over a video, the left and right arrows will appear and the thumbnail under your cursor will light up with colors.

Recent Posts

In this section you will find the latest 8-10 posts in all categories. They are ordered by date of publish. If you prefer, you can always browse the different available categories from the main menu (news, blog posts, guides and more).

The Thin Banner

This thing used to sit right below the Featured slider, however, with my desire to allow easier access (and higher, more central position) to my recent posts (articles with news, blogs, guides), I decided this banner can move down below. For now.

Side Bar

Right on the top sit 2 banners that are also visible on all other pages – My Patreon Campaign Link and My SWTOR Referral Link. Beneath them you will find 10 links (2×5) for my most recent SWTOR and Witcher Guides.

The annoying ad units

Well, I have to pay the monthly AWS bill somehow. The ad units don’t provide much income as some of you, probably know. Unless I have thousands and thousands of visitors every day (which I don’t). For now the revenue I receive from these ads is almost enough to cover the monthly bills and even though AWS is a bit more expensive than the normal average hostings (I will NEVER go back to GoDaddy and Shared Hosts), I am glad to pay the extra on top for the damn good service I receive from Amazon.

I am currently using Adversal to serve me random ads generated based on your interests and the content of my articles and pages combined with high quality Amazon ad units, again, automatically generated. With that said, I want to apologize if you see something offensive. In such case, please, immediately report it to me and I’ll do my best to prevent this ad from showing on

That’s all. For now. I hope you like the new design and look. It’s not totally different, but should help clear up the mess a bit. Keep visiting often. Here you will find the latest Star Wars and SWTOR news as well as all my video content, which is published FIRST here, before YouTube.

It’s no easy task handling everything by myself, but I enjoy what I do and seeing you find it helpful and useful, gives me extra strength to keep going. I’ll see you in the next article!

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