Big Changes Coming Announcement

Greetings, fans, subscribers, friends. I have some big news for you today.

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After nearly 4 and a half years of playing SWTOR as a Jedi Sentinel, I believe it is time for a change. No, don’t worry, I’m not leaving. It’s a different kind of a change I have to announce for you. And one I believe you will all love.

Vulkk has been a Monk for (I think) over 2-2.5 years now. He and his fans have voted and the time for a change has come. As of tomorrow, he will be wearing a different color outfit! I still love the style, so I wont completely change it. Sorry, guys, I paid over 6 mill in total for these items on GTN, so I can’t just replace them after only 2+ years of wearing!

Since I could not make up my mind, I give you the chance to help me decide what should Vulkk look like. Please, pick your favorite from the screenshots down below and share your opinion in the comments below the article.

ss (2016-04-01 at 08.55.31)Next on the table, I am switching my main class! After an incredibly poor performance on the Test Dummy yesterday, Vulkk has finally managed to piss me off to the point of no return. His score is visible on the screenshot I shared down below these rows and it clearly illustrates the reason for my frustration. I am thinking of switching to Guardian. What do you think? Many of you love that class, it will give me a chance to learn End-Game serious tanking (SM Ops don’t count :P) and also… we all know that… Guards do more DPS than Sentinels. Right?!

So, yes, he needs a lot of work, seeing how he’s only lvl 25, but that’s also the GM of Solstice and we can’t have a crappy lvl 25 dressed in a funny costume character being the leader of my guild. Can we now? It will also give me a chance for a new Jedi Knight Story Walkthrough series, so I can fix all the wrong things Sabrosa did in 2015.


Third announcement, and final (for now) is the fact that I have decided to make a change to my YouTube channel. A pretty big one too. As of tomorrow, all of my videos will be voiced on my own language! I am tired of speaking with an accent and no matter what other language I try, it always comes with a weird accent. The only option I have left is to speak my own Bulgarian. Be ready and start using those automatic captions. Be quick to put them into Google Translate and catch up with what I say. I will be speaking much faster, considering I’ve been learning this language for some 31 years now.

That’s it. Please, let me know what you think of these. I am prepared to face the negative reactions due to the harsh changes, but to keep my interest alive and active, one needs to keep on with the modern waves in Life.

Happy April 1st! :)))

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