HyperX CLOUD II Headset Review

Cloud is where you find yourself while using this Hyperx headset

Let me start with a clear statement, that even though I am a YouTube content creator and Live Streamer, I am NOT among the big fishes and, of course, am also not partnered and paid by Kingston’s HyperX to promote their product. I purchased it on my own, based on other people’s reviews, tests and opinions. Now I will share my own after 3 days of constant use.


HyperX have the reputation of making outstanding packaging. This headset does not make an exception. The box is incredibly well designed. In the inside of the top cover there’s a printed letter, the contents of the box are nested comfortably in very thick (but very smooth) black dyed foam. This thing can easily fly and travel through the whole world without any danger of damage to the items inside it.

By the way, the photographer (me :P) blamed the weather conditions, natural light and old camera for the bad quality of the pictures :P


Inside we find a couple of papers, which nobody ever reads and there’s no point to, really.

Then we have the headset itself, the detachable microphone (which I never even attached to test, and for that I apologize!), the 7.1 USB dongle and an airplane adapter.

IMG_0010The headset comes with a ~1m long very think and very well braded cable. It’s easy bendable and very soft on touch too. Ends with a standard 3.5mm gold-plated audio jack. My recommendation is to use the analogue connection (the jack) and plug it into your sound card. If you don’t have one, then use the provided in the package dongle. It features a Plug-n-Play external sound card with very decently simulated 7.1 surround sound. However, as expected, this mode is horrible for music and even games have music background, so I opted out of the USB dongle. At least the good news is that this does not require any driver installation and tweaking. You just plug the 3.5mm jack of the headset into the dongle, then plug the USB end of the dongle to your PC and that’s it. The 7.1 is one click away. The length of the cable attached to the USB dongle is ~2m.

Once again, I do apologize for not being able to provide personal experience on the microphone, but since I use a far better model mic (RODE NT-USB), I never bothered to even try it out. I was glad to learn while researching the headset that the mic is detachable and the hole is nicely covered with a rubber cap. The mic on itself is at best average. It does isolate some background noise, based on the tests I have heard others doing. It’s also very bend-able and can take up pretty much any position near your mouth. Its attachment spot is on the left ear cup.

Let’s not forget that the package includes 2 pairs of covers for the ear cups – velour and leader.


ss (2016-04-06 at 10.50.13)Nothing outstanding, really, but the overall quality of the sound for the price is more than fantastic!

The 53mm drivers have neodynium magnets, the weight of the headset without the microphone is ~320g, with it ~350g.

Here, to the right is the screenshot directly from HyperX’s website with a full detailed spec list.

Final verdict

What do I think? What is my personal Experience with it? What is my final Verdict? Let’s see…

After 3 days of constant use, I find that the positive reviews the HyperX CLOUD II receives are absolutely correct and deserved. Right now the new HyperX Revolver is being released, which resulted in a discount for the CLOUD II. I personally switched the leader cups,which are on the headset by default for the velour ones and am much happier with them. They do allow a bit of sound leak outside of the headset, but don’t make my ears sweat and get hot(h). The headset is extremely comfortable and very light on the head. One note, though, it is a bit too small and even though my head is not big, I had to extend it to the maximum to fit it well. The cups are a bit narrow and if you have a wide pinna, you might feel it differently.

I have made already quite a few live shows with the new headset and that’s why I didn’t bother taking pictures of it on the headset stand here next to me on the desk. Here are a few links where you can see me using it: 1 , 2 and here‘s a special screenshot comparison between my old and new headsets posted on my Facebook page.

The sound is very different than my previous headset (the Corsair Vengeance 1400), I had to tweak a little bit my equalizer settings, but even on default the sound is very good. Bass is strong, middle is normal, high is a bit better than on the Corsair model.

I haven’t used many headsets and headphones in my life, but out of those I have, the HyperX CLOUD II, for now, takes the lead as most comfortable, most light weight and good sounding model I have used.

BUY THE HYPERX CLOUD II: http://amzn.to/1quKnSL

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