Vette and Gault – SWTOR Chapter XIII Lore Update

Who Vette and Gault are and what their role is in SWTOR

Chapter XIII will (re)introduce 2 of the classic SWTOR companions – Vette (Sith Warrior’s) and Gault (Bounty Hunter’s). To help newer players learn who these characters are and what is their involvement in the past events, I am publishing this excerpt from the SWTOR Wikia for both Vette and Gault Rennow.


Swtor_2014-10-26_20-18-09-01 vetteFew people have seen as much of the galaxy as Vette and few have had as little control of their destiny. She was separated from her family at an early age and sold to a series of minor crime lords. When legendary pirate lord Nok Drayen utterly destroyed her latest owner’s holdings, Vette and the other slaves were given their choice of freedom or joining up with Nok. Vette became a pirate, travelling the known worlds and learning to get in and out of places she wasn’t allowed.

Years later Nok Drayen mysteriously and suddenly released all of his people from service. Vette was left on Nar Shaddaa where she joined up with other young, idealistic Twi’leks and used her criminal abilities to rob and ruin those who exploited Ryloth’s cultural artifacts and people. An unquenchable spark, Vette is older than her years but far from mature, delighting in silly pranks and always ready to laugh at people who think too much of themselves.

Vette first meets the Sith Warrior while a prisoner onKorriban. Despite her situation, which includes constant berating and torturing from the jailer, her’s humorous personality is still very prominent. When she is freed, she is “recruited” to help the Sith Warrior find an Ancient Lightsaber, located in the tomb of Naga Sadow, for his/her final trial. This happens to also be the place Vette was captured by the Sith. She proves quite useful to both advanced classes of the Sith Warrior in combat, no matter how the Warrior treats her socially. Once the Sith Warrior obtains the ancient lightsaber, Darth Baras, the Sith warrior’s master, lets him/her keep Vette if the Warrior so desires.


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Gault Rennow

Swtor_2014-10-13_14-53-04-02As an unknown mercenary living under the radar of both the Republic and Empire, Gault Rennow has enjoyed a relatively quiet existence as a gun-for-hire. But before he took on the name of “Gault Rennow”, the smooth-talking Devaronian was known throughout the criminal underworld as Tyresius Lokai, a notorious smuggler and con artist, whose talents for separating the wealthy and powerful with their credits and cargo quickly made him one of the most infamous grifters in the galaxy.

Lokai was able to amass a small fortune, but he also amassed a sizeable debt and made many enemies across the galaxy. Many times over, it seemed that Lokai was backed into a corner for which there seemed to be no escape, only to slip away at the last moment.

As his bounties mounted, so did his paranoia. Constantly having to look over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t met with the barrel of a blaster pistol, Lokai began to look for a way out of his predicament while not having to give up his lifestyle. When the opportunity for a fresh beginning finally presented itself, “Tyresius Lokai” was no more – and “Gault Rennow” was born.


Vette and Gault are back in KOTFE Chapter XIII

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