WITCHER 3 Mutations Guide: How to unlock and use the new system

Full coverage of the new Mutations System in both written and video formats

The Mutations system is available in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine. The starting quest is for level 35 and begins with Geralt receiving a letter in Toussaint. It’s quite a long quest and the system is clearly more designed for New Game +, considering how greedy it is for mutagens and skill points to unlock the specific mutation perks.

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ss (2016-05-31 at 04.27.46)In my origin story I romanced Triss, because of that fact while I was following a direction for one of the main quests in the expansion, namely “La Cage au Fou”, Geralt stumbles upon a mail delivery boy in the Douchy of Toussaint. The mail is from Triss- a letter and a map about professor Moreau, who conducted research into witcher mutations. Triss believes Geralt could benefit from this in some way. The name of the quest is “Turn and Face the Strange”. Geralt must visit the professor’s grave and discover more about his work. The clues he discovers upon opening the old map Triss sent with the letter, lead him to an underwater entrance of a ruined underground facility, Moreau’s laboratory is here somewhere.


The first of many challenges in there is to avoid being hit by spikes coming from the ground. They do show up in specific intervals and are easy to avoid or jump over. The 2nd task is to defeat 2 Guardian beasts. All signs have effect on them, I personally liked Axii the most for this fight as I use a heavy red build. Down the path Geralt will find and pick up the Diary of the professor and will learn about a secret mechanism used to unlock a special door, barrred by 4 stones/tablets. Before he reaches the door, there is one more fight to be won – against another guardian beast. In the room right after that is the secret locked entrance with the 4 stones blocking the door. Using the Witcher sense Geralt wil find a few tablets spread around the room. Firing at them with his crossbow will unlock the door. The next room has a Gargoil to be defeated and once that’s done, Geralt can loot the hand of the creature, place it on a pedestal to unlock the next puzzle – a game of portals, where only one portal is the correct one to go through and all others return him to the starting point. The trick to this puzzle is to always enter through the portal that’s facing the statue in the middle of the room. This is always the correct direction.

The last portal will lead him right into the laboratory of the professor


ss (2016-05-31 at 04.58.26)Inside the laboratory Geralt must find the 2 missing crystals for the megascope. Once that’s done he can learn the full story of the professor – why did he start his research, what was he trying to accomplish and who he was doing all this for. The 2 crystals are entry 4 and entry 5, which are optional for the quest, but to get the whole story, it’s recommended to pick them up and insert them into the megascope before starting it. The last thing Geralt needs before he can use the Mutations system is eggs from mutated giant centipedes. In one of the cages in the laboratory there is a breach into the wall where a narrow corridor leads to the nest of these creatures. Geralt must defeat them all before he can pick up the eggs he needs. With all the items obtained, it is time to begin the process.


ss (2016-05-31 at 04.57.17)

The professor was trying to reverse the effect of the mutations on his own son, who became a Witcher, but he learned that the device he constructed doesn’t remove the effects from the Trial with the Grasses, instead it enhances the mutations of the Witcher. Exactly what Geralt was hoping for. For the process to begin, he needs to undress and enter the machine. Once the processes inside are all finished, Geralt exits stronger than ever before


ss (2016-05-31 at 05.07.44)In the Character screen press “C” to open the Mutations panel. There are 3 tiers of mutations. To use mutations, first you must research them. To do this, choose one of the available mutations. For mutations research to finish successfully, you must devote the required number of Ability Points and mutagens to it. To develop advanced mutations, you must first develop other, more basic ones. Information about this can be found in the mutation’s description (mousing over the mutations). Once a mutation is researched, you must press the Enter key or double click to activate it. Only one mutation can be active at any given time. The Strengthened Synapses mutation (the big circle in the middle) improves automatically when you develop other mutations. As it does, it unlocks additional Ability Skills slots back in the Character window. The active mutation is displayed in the right half of the screen, between the 4 columns of abilities you have active. The color of the extra ability you can put in the new extra slot must match the color of the active mutation. Advanced mutations, disctionguished by their yellow color, require multiple types of mutagens, but allow you to use any Abilities from the Red, Blue and Green groups.

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