SWTOR Dark vs Light Cartel Packs Items do not unlock in collections

When the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing :)

A few days ago Bioware published various guides on the official website swtor.com about the new Dark vs Light event, starting on 28th June. In one of these guides it was said that all items within these Dark vs Light Cartel packs will be bound to the character that opens the packs, but will also be available for global unlock via the collections system

A few extra details on the packs -the armor sets come in three separate boxes, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Supplementary. Each item that you earn from a Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Pack is Bind on Pickup, so they cannot be sold. However, these items do unlock in collections similar to other pack items.

Well, it seems that there was a miscomunication within the Bioware developer team. Thanks to a comment on one of my videos (My overview video of the event entitled “Rage vs Love”) posted by danielB (thanks a lot for the note, Daniel!), we now know that the items are indeed bound on pickup, but also not available in the collections. Some of them do have indeed similar names to collections items, though.

Here is a screenshot provided to me by Daniel of his ticket and the answer.


If or when Bioware changes either the items or their guide, I will update you on the issue. For now, just be aware that you CANNOT use the items from the new event related packs on other characters.

► UPDATE (Tait Watson): BoP armor sets vom Dark vs. Light packs don’t unlock in collections | 06.29.2016, 05:45 PM

Hey folks,

The items SHOULD be unlocking in Collections, like the blog states. We are investigating the issue currently.


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