SWTOR Chapter 16 release date changed – moved 2 weeks later

Bioware is moving the launch date for Chapter 16, the final episode of the Knights of the Fallen Empire storytelling adventure. The new release date is 11th August, moved back from 28th July.

► Chapter XVI Release Date Change: Moving from July 28 to August 11 | 07.13.2016, 12:39 PM

Hey everyone,

During our last Producer Livestream we announced that Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen would go live on July 28th (early access on the 26th); as of today we have decided to move the release to August 11th (early access on the 9th). This Chapter reveals the climactic ending to the Fallen Empire story and we want to make sure it delivers the emotional impact that the story deserves. We are going to take this time to push it further in an effort to bring the Knights of the Fallen Empire’s final Chapter to a fitting ending – one that, in the tradition of all great Star Wars stories, leaves you wanting more! Thank you for your patience and we look forward to hearing your feedback post release.

Although we are moving the date, we want to reassure you that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that you will not have any access issues when the time comes:

  • Players who qualified in July for the Sub Reward will still receive the July Subscriber reward on July 26th.
  • Players who qualified for early access by being a Sub on July 1 will still have early access to the Chapter on August 9th.
  • Players subscribed as of July 28th, will be granted access to Chapter XVI when it goes live on August 9th.

We are looking forward to sharing Chapter XVI with you and give you the chance to face your destiny as the Outlander – Thank you for your continued support!


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