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WITCHER GUIDE - Legendary Feline Cat School Gear Guide WITCHER 3 Wild Hunt Armor Set

Legendary Feline Gear Diagram locations, Crafting and Appearance

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New Game Plus (NG+) of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt offers to the players the original Witcher armor sets with upgraded stats, higher level requirements and for some of the sets even a different visual appearance. There are 3 classic Witcher sets available in the original Wild Hunt game (Cat, Griffin, Bear and, 1 new set added with the Free DLC program (The Wolf school), 1 added with the Hearts of Stone expansion (Viper) and 1 with the Blood and Wine expansion (Manticore). In this guide I will introduce you to the base level of the Legendary Feline (School of the Cat) Witcher Armor Set for NG+. This is Light Armor gear for lvl 69 (accurate for Patch 1.22) or higher.

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Starting the Quest

ss (2016-07-30 at 09.26.29)The quest can be started by simply obtaining one of the diagrams. All you have to do is follow the guide to one of them, pick it up and the quest will appear in your log. The map to start it was available for a cheap price on the Blacksmith vendor in Blackough. When I checked it prior to starting the hunt myself, I only found the Upgrade diagrams map there, not the original one. Can’t say for sure if CDPR removed it from the vendor or what happened. Best is really to just go to the diagrams locations and pick them up yourself. Read below on how to get to them.

Locations of the Diagrams

Here is a detailed description on how to find the diagrams. If you need more information, check out the video.

Drahim Castle Ruins

The first diagram is in the basement of the Drahim Castle Ruins in Central Velen. There are no enemies around (except for a couple of lvl 59 bandits, perhaps). Just enter, go down the stairs and find the shiny chest where the Legendary Feline steel sword diagram is hidden. Read the journal located inside for an update to the next location.

Wreck of the “Flying Stag”

South-west to Novigrad in the waters you will find the wreck of the “Flying Steg” ship. Inside it is hidden the Feline Crossbow diagram. That’s right, it is not Legendary, but is required to pick it up in order to continue the hunt. Next to the the diagram, inside the chest, you will find notes, showing you the next location.

Passage under Temple Isle

This is the longest part of the quest and probably the trickiest. On the western shores of Novigrad, there is a hidden entrance to a cave that can be opened with Keira’s “Eye of Nehaleni” from the “Wandering in the Dark” quest. Upon entering, you will have to face and kill a lvl 66 Golem guardian. The door behind the Golem is locked and a key is needed. Next step is to find that key. Turn back, head down the stairs and take the right corridor turn until you reach a round room with statues. Here you will have to turn all the statues to face the inside of the circle area they are forming. A Wraith might spawn after the first statue is turned. When all statues are facing the inner circle, the floor will open up and you have to jump into the water (3 lvl 62 Drowners are swimming around). On the bottom of the well, next to a skeleton, you will find the Laboratory Key. Go back to the big room where you killed the Golem and unlock the giant wooden door. Behind it, in the Laboratory you will find the final challenge for this part of the quest – a lvl 69 Mad Kiyan. Kill it and loot it to obtain the Legendary Feline trousers, Legendary Feline gauntlets, Legendary Feline boots and Legendary Feline armor diagrams along with the Laboratory notebook with instructions on how to find the last item from the set.

Ruins of Est Tayiar

All the way into the eastern borders of Velen lie the Est Tayiar elven ruin. The final Legendary Feline silver sword diagram is in a hole under the round. The entrance is in the eastern end of the ruins. Jump down the hole, turn right and blow up the wall with an Aard sign to reveal a small hidden room where the chest is.

Crafting requirements

Here are the materials required and prices for each one of the items from the set to be crafted. For more information, check the video linked in the beginning of the article.


This is what Legendary Feline Witcher Armor looks like in NG+. For more information, check the video linked in the beginning of the article.

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