Witcher 3 Merchants worth visiting

Four Witcher 3 Merchants you will WANT to check and trade with!

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To newer players some of the locations I have to share are vital and could prove to save your life a few times. These vendors listed below offer interesting items at very decent prices. I selected 4 that are easy to access at pretty much any level. They are always present, have their own shops and are located in save areas where Geralt’s life will not be threatened.

All of them are located in Velen.

The Novigrad’s Fish Market offers cheap HP Regeneration food. The merchant is usually present during the day and often refreshes his supplies of food. At early levels the water and juice can prove incredibly useful on higher difficulty levels where meditation is not refreshing your HP any more.

The Novigrad’s Librarian seems to be the only one, actually, available in the whole world of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. He will not make you rich, but still buys and sells books at much better prices compared to any other vendor. Once again, easy to find even at low level.

On the upper square just south of the Novigrad’s St. Gregory’s Bridge you will find a merchant who not only sells a valuable (and expensive) Potion of Clearance, that returns back to you all your Ability Points and allowing you to spend them in a different way and test various builds for Geralt, but the conversation with him and some of the items he offers used to belong to someone named Aeramas. I wont say more and leave you to discover who this was and what may happen during and after your first conversation with this Merchant.

The last stop for this short guide is Crow’s Perch, where we will find a regular shop on the street. This merchant is willing to sell a couple of interesting bottles. These 2 items are used in the crafting of some special items and it’s always nice to have a couple of them on you.

Video with the locations:

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/3ME5O644evg?list=PL4Ov43efFNUYZV3WVfdYIiAz2_Rx2ByCv”]

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