Witcher 3 All Skellige Place of Power Locations Guide

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The Skellige Archipelago offers in total 9 Places of Power. They are relatively easy to discover and reach, most are only lightly guarded or not at all. Out of these 9, 1 is located in the Cellar of Kaer Trolde and is accessible (without cheating) only during the Main Story quest, which means I have not included it here. Doing so would have forced me to show parts of the story that some might prefer not to have spoiled for themselves. This PoP is very easy to get and is just on the main pathway of the quest events.

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let’s take a closer look at all of the 8 remaining Places of Power. For your convenience I have collected and put them all into a single video, embedded down below. Take a look if the written description isn’t enough to help you find them. I’ll order them in the same way as I did in the video, for easier comparison.


Ungvar’s Fang

Ungvar's Fang Place of PowerThe first place of power we’ll visit is in the north-eastern island. It’s high up in the mountain. To reach it you will only need to make a few jumps and be able to survive cold weather. I mean REALLY cold. There are some low-to-mid-level Sirens (I recorded this with one of my NG+ saves, so there they were lvl 43) to defeat and the trick is that they will attack you in a place where you don’t have much space to move around. Be careful not to fall down while fighting them.

Ard Skellig Island

The next 5 locations are on the main island. Oneis inside the Ancient Crypt. If you approach it from the northern entrance (most northern Sign Post of Ard Skellig that is), it will be very easy to find it. The next 2 are near the eastern border of the large island. One is right next to the sign post for the Druids Camp and is arguably the easiest Place of Power of all, the other one i s a little more to the north-east, sitting on top of a ruin. Guarding the entrance is a sleeping Cyclops. In my NG+ save he was lvl 60, so quite high level and hits hard enough to force you to be careful. The 5th location is in the water near the Crossroads, right in the middle of the wreckage where you first landed on Skellige, trying to find Ciri. Again, a few low-to-mid-level Sirens will try to annoy you, but if you are careful, you can completely avoid dealing with them. Number 6 is right between Kaer Muire and Fornhala, located just to the east of the road connecting these 2 villages.

Harviken Place of PowerHarviken

Time to move all the way down to the south-east corner of the Archipelago. Starting from Harviken and following the path to the west, there you will find the Place of Power sitting on top of a small hill. Easy to access.


Svorlag Abandoned house Place of PowerThe 8th and final location from this guide is located behind the abandoned haunted house north-west of Svorlag. To access it outside of the “Possession” quest with Cerys, you will need to jump and climb up next to the bench in front of the house. The rest involves just following the hill-path and after a few seconds you will be on the top of the mountain, ready to get your final free Skill Point. If you are doing this during the side quest with Cerys, note that one of the doors is unlocked for it and right there you can “push” the weak beam to collapse the roof and exit to the path behind the haunted house, leading up to the top of the hill.

This is it. I hope you have found this guide useful.

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