WITCHER 3 All Toussaint Places of Power Locations Guide

Find out where are the new 5 Toussaint Places of Power

This guide for The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC will show you where are all the Places of Power in Toussaint and how to get to them.

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The new region of Toussaint, introduced with the 3nd expansion to the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, called Blood and Wine, introduces a whole new region from the Northern Kingdoms. Toussaint is a part of the Nilfgaardian Empire and is located south-east of Velen. On it Geralt can find 5 special hidden or not so much Places of Power. Meditating near these rocks for a couple seconds will grand the player a 30 min buff to one of the Witcher Signs as well as +1 Ability Skill Point for free.


  • The first place is inside a Kikimara infested cave, located north of Rioux-Cannes Outpost.
  • The second is behind (north of) the elven ruins of Arthach Palace Ruins, defended by a Wight
  • The ruins of Fort Ussar are the third location of a Place of Power, 2 Draconids make their home nearby
  • Fourth Place of Power is located on the southern borders of the lake, west of Hortense Vineyard
  • Among the Termes Palace Ruins, under the ruins is the fifth and final Place of Power

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