Witcher 3: GOTY Edition vs Witcher 3 Original

What is the difference and which Witcher 3 edition should you buy

One of my all time favorite games, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, finally receives a Game of the Year (GOTY) Editoin. The Witcher 3 GOTY was released on 30th August 2016 for PC, Playstation and Xbox One.

What do you get with Witcher 3 GOTY

  • The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
  • The Hearts of Stone Expansion
  • The Blood and Wine Expansion
  • 16 free DLCs
  • An update with various fixes

None of these is exclusive. None of these is a special feature, included only with the GOTY. Marcin Momot, senior Community Coordinator at CD Projekt Red, confirmed that the GOTY edition of the game will not offer new game content that isn’t already available to the owners of the original game. In the end of August a new patch was made available for download to all players on all platforms and it’s the same as the update mentioned to arrive as part of the GOTY edition.

Which one to buy and how save imports work

What’s more interesting to learn is how saves will work if you already own the original game or parts of it. This is for the polayers who haven’t purchased the expansions, or perhaps are such big supporters of CDPR’s work and want to buy the GOTY on top of your already full Witcher 3 collection. Coming directly from Marcin Momot:

Regarding save game compatibility, here are possible scenarios gamers might encounter and tips on what to do.

Scenario #1: You own the base game on the PC and you want to buy the GOTY Edition
Your game saves will work — this is because of a more open system architecture of the PC. However, if your only goal is to acquire the expansions, you might consider buying the Season Pass, as it will be the more economical option. Content-wise, you will have the same stuff as the person who will have purchased the GOTY edition. Of course, if you really want to support us, we will not mind if you get another copy of The Witcher 3 in the form of the GOTY Edition. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Scenario #2: You own the base game on consoles (PlayStation 4 or Xbox One) and you want to buy the GOTY Edition
Our suggestion is to buy the Season Pass instead. Should you buy the GOTY Edition, game saves from your base game will unfortunately not work because the system treats the GOTY Edition as a different product. This is beyond our control and results from the technical aspect of how games work on consoles. Sadly, we are unable to make any workarounds here.

Situation #3: You don’t own the base game or the expansions and want to buy the GOTY edition
We love you and we are humbled that you want to buy and play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Thank you!

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It’s a fantastic game on an incredibly fair (cheap, actually!) price! What do you think? Did you get the GOTY edition?

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