Star Wars Rebels: Iron Squadron | Episode Review and Analysis

REBELS EPISODE REVIEW - Star Wars Rebels Iron Squadron - Episode Review and Analysis

Does the future of the Rebellion depend on these children?

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Note: This article contains spoilers from the Star Wars Rebels Current and past episodes.

First, I would like to apologize to you all for miscounting the episodes. Apparently according to the official Episodes list, the premiere was 2 episodes into one. Makes sense, the episode was twice longer than usual. I am still uncertain who wants to call the episode numbers and how to count them, so I will rely form now on on the Episode’s TITLE, instead of its number, which will be mentioned somewhere below in the post

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 6 “Iron Squadron” was one of the best in the series when it comes to tactics, planning and surprises. If only it wasn’t for the boring and predictable ending… But, let’s go in order

Story Recap

Star Wars Rebels Iron Squadron Episode Review and Analysis -

The Ghost team is on a rescue mission… aha, once again… When they arrive at Mykapo, the scene they see is a lonely ship forcing the Empire to retreat and wait for reinforcements.  The Rebels split into 2 teams – one on the planet’s surface, helping everyone escape before the Empire arrives to capture, imprison or destroy everything alive; the 2nd group boards the half-destroyed ship and attempts to talk the 3 Iron Squadron members into leaving with them while there’s still time. The pilot Mart, commander Sato’s own nephew, refuses to leave the ship and causes a whole bunch of trouble. Left alone on board of his ship and with no chance of escaping, Mart decides to make an attack attempt at the Empire’s Admiral Konstantine’s Light Cruiser. When Sato hears of the current situation, he himself arrives at the system to help and rescue the boy. Happy ending, as usual. D’OH!… :)

The Details

Let’s see now, what was REALLY the important and interesting from the episode!

That opening scene…
Star Wars Rebels Iron Squadron Episode Review and Analysis - Opening Scene

I must admit, there was something special in the very first scene of the episode. It was a true pleasure to see the whole team on board of The Ghost, operating from their respective positions and performing what role is bestowed upon them during the mission. The communication from Ezra’s blaster chair up to the command deck where Hera sits, to the top level and Kanan’s blaster position, then back to the remaining members of the squad – Zeb, Sabine and Chopper. I loved that teamwork. Very good way to begin the episode. One more thing… I don’t know why, but the scene somehow gave me a hint that all Rebels will have prime role today. Well, Ezra still had the lead and Zeb almost didn’t appear during the action, but all others were very much present all the time.

Chopper to the rescue!
Star Wars Rebels Iron Squadron Episode Review and Analysis - Chopper

At first I thought that Zeb’s line “Sounds like a ship full of Ezras!” would be the best moment of the show, but Chopper totally stop all the fame with his performance. He did good in fixing and later on removing what needed to be fixed and… removed. His mini fights with the other droid was a lot of fun to watch and it felt very natural. I’m not the biggest fan of the constant demonstration of the fact that, apparently, all droids in Star Wars have personality and feelings. But, hey, that’s what makes them fun and unique, so I’m fine with it. I guess.

Iron Squadron’s ship
Star Wars Rebels Iron Squadron Episode Review and Analysis - Iron Squadron YT Freighter ship

I admit it. They fooled me in the beginning. At first glimpse I thought this might indeed be the Millennium Falcon. Well… from certain points of view and especially from the inside it does resemble the legendary Corellian Light Freighter of Han Solo indeed. However, when we got a chance to see it from a bit far away in its whole glory, it was clear that it’s a different model.

In the latest episode of Rebels Recon, the staff explained a few hidden details – the crew of the Iron Squadron is based off the people working at Lucasarts. As for the ship – it was originally designed for the special edition of A New Hope and it can actually be seen flying over Mos Eisley in one of the scenes. However, it turned out that even though it does resemble The Millennium Falcon, it’s not even related to it. Just another YT Freighter – smaller, lighter and… simpler.

This might be just a planet to you, but…
Star Wars Rebels Iron Squadron Episode Review and Analysis - Iron Squadron 2

Ok. Ezra could have and should have won this argument with ease. I cannot explain it to myself why would he skimp on words in this very moment. The fate of his planet and his own story were so similar to this Zabrak girl (Gooti), that I cannot imagine just how stubborn she must be or how pathetic Ezra is with convincing her to leave the planet. It seems that “How we choose to fight is just as important as what we fight for!” wasn’t enough, Ezra! You needed more and even stronger words to convince these kids to abandon their home planet.

That’s a Star Destroyer
Star Wars Rebels Iron Squadron Episode Review and Analysis - Imperial Star Destroyer

Another of my favorite moments in the episode was when Mart thought Commander Konstantine’s light cruiser was a Star Destroyer. Later on when we saw Thrawn arriving on a Real Big One, that was impressive. The shop throwing a giant shadow over Mart’s face as the Destroyer enters the system and prepares for an attack, this is the moment we all realize the technical power of the Empire. I was a bit sad that once again Thrawn arrived just to wave a good-bye to the fleeing Rebels. I often wonder, is that a move from the creators of the show to enhance and rise up the curiosity of us, the viewers? Perhaps it is. After all we’re still in the first half of the season and we are not meant to see what Thrawn really is capable of. Right? Or maybe he’s just always arriving too late and misses “the party”. I don’t think that last one is true, but wanted to mention it… for giggles, you know.

The Verdict

Star Wars Rebels Iron Squadron Episode Review and Analysis - The Verdict Happy Ending

This episode had a magical opening scene. Even though I could not explain to myself, let alone to all of you, what exactly felt so special in it, that set me up in a good mood for the rest of the show. The plot twist in the middle, where Ezra and the Rebels were forced to leave Mart alone and behind, was as shocking as it was the right move. I asked myself at this moment, did things just get serious in this children’s show? No, of course not. A few minutes later we realized that not only the Rebel team has regrouped and returned to save the bold young pilot and captain of a wrecked ship, but the Rebel Commander Sato himself has brought reinforcements to the system along with his very own presence.

Overall a great episode. Much more interesting than the previous 2, I thought. Still, if it had the dark ending I foresaw, it would have been even better. I can’t say what pushes me so strongly towards my desire to see a dark ending in one of the episodes, but one thing is certain – we are getting closer and closer to see the Rebellion’s suffer under Thrawn’s might and genious.

Now, it’s your turn! What did you expect from the episode before you saw it, what did you feel and think while watching? I’m all ears and eyes!

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