Star Wars Rebels: The Wynkahthu Job | Episode Review and Analysis

REBELS EPISODE REVIEW - Star Wars Rebels The Wynkahthu Job Episode Review and Analysis

Does the future of the Rebellion depend on these children?

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Note: This article contains spoilers from the Star Wars Rebels Current and past episodes.

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 7 “The Wynkahthu Job” was a filler in the good sense of the word. A side step from the main plot and the constant clashes between Empire and the Rebels. Let’s see what we can take and learn from it :)

Story Recap

Star Wars Rebels The Wynkahthu Job Episode Review and Analysis - hondo and azmorigan


Hondo is back with another interesting and appealing offer for the Rebels. He offers them a team work in salvaging an abandoned imperial transport ship – Proton Torpedos for the Rebels, some “useless” cargo for him and his partner Azmorigan. On board the ship, Ezra and Zeb find out that Hondo had attempted this mission with a crew on his own, but had failed and abandoned his people on board. After a healthy amount of jokes and funny situations, they successfully salvage the proton torpedoes, save the Ugnaught Melch, who was a part of Hondo’s own team and escape from the sentry droids, who were trying to protect the cargo and the ship.

The Details

Let’s see now, what was REALLY the important and interesting from the episode!

Star Wars Rebels The Wynkahthu Job Episode Review and Analysis - zeb and ezra

I’m glad he finally got a lead in an episode this season. It’s been a while since we had a chance to see him serious and in action. His role until now has been mostly negligible. Today he was entrusted by Hera to lead the party. When things go wrong down on board the ghost ship, Zeb shows himself as a firm, but also caring leader and when Azmorigan is lost, he refuses to abandon him, despite how disgusting and not worth this guy is to him. Zeb’s actions proved that Hera knows her own team of Rebels and she made the right choice to select him as leader over Ezra. That weird friendly relationship Ezra has built with Hondo over the years is a little weird to me, and as it seems, Hera isn’t very excited about it either.

Star Wars Rebels The Wynkahthu Job Episode Review and Analysis - planet wynkahthu

I am a little uncertain as to why was the episode entitled “The Wynkahthu Job”. Wynkahthu is the name of the planet the abandoned ship flies around, but nobody actually ever lands down. Maybe it’s the silly spelling, eh? And now that I mentioned it, did you notice that the ship kept flying all that time in the atmosphere of the planet without a pilot. Bah, it was all dark when the Rebels boarded it. I can’t recall really right now, but I think the word “float” was even mentioned. How can an abandoned ship keep floating on its own in the atmosphere? Granted, we know very little about the planet and its atmosphere, but it was strange and unexplainable to me too. It’s not like the ship was abandoned just yesterday. Hondo has gathered his own team of Ugnaughts to attempt the same looting mission on his own, failed and then went to seek out the Rebels’ assistance. All that time the ship just kept flying around. Ah… I know, I know… autopilot was on and all other systems were turned offline to save power.

And, just in case you were wondering, friends – Wynkahthu is a brand new planet introduced to the Star Wars universe as a canon just now. It has never before been mentioned anywhere.

The Door joke
Star Wars Rebels The Wynkahthu Job Episode Review and Analysis - the hangar door joke

One of the best moments of the season and probably of all 3 seasons so far. I’m talking about the spot in the episode, where the boarding party sits at a closed door. Zeb asks Chopper to help and unlock it, but Ezra just takes out his lightsaber and cuts a hole in the door. The fun part is that in the very same moment Ezra is finished cutting it, Chopper opens the door. As it was explained in the Rebels Recon episode on this wasn’t originally part of the script. The door was supposed to be full and later on used to block the way for the sentry droids chasing Zeb, Ezra and the others. However, with a hole in it, things get more funny.

The Verdict

Star Wars Rebels The Wynkahthu Job Episode Review and Analysis - hondo azmorigan and the rebels

Even though this episode was just the same length as all others, there weren’t too many exciting and interesting moments to research and analyse for us. In the Rebels Recon interviews the creators and actors even admitted it was a filler episode. “Throw those two characters into a situation and leave them on their own” is the best way we can describe the appearance of both Hondo and Azmorigan. It’s not their first appearance, nor will it be their last one.

Now, it’s your turn! What did you expect from the episode before you saw it, what did you feel and think while watching? I’m all ears and eyes!

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