SWTOR January Update Producer Live Stream: what did we learn

Here are my notes and the most important news from the event

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The event aired on 8th December 2016. Hosts were community manager Eric Musco, creative director Charles Boyd and producer Ben Irving.


Community Topics

  •  Bioware is aware of the “unfair” ranked players in the top lists. They have identified them and are taking care of the issue.
  • More information will be available about the RNG gearing fixes on 26th January – the 2nd Bioware Producer Live Stream.

5th Year Anniversary Rewards

  • The vendor giving away the rewards will stay until 17th January.
  • The special rewards include Senya Holostatue, 7-piece Art Collection, Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds for 5 credits each, 5 Year Distinguished Veteran Reward Statue.

Life Day Event

  • The event will end on 10th January
  • Throwing snowballs to earn command XP was not a bug, but working as intended.
  • The Cartel Market items for this Holiday season include Life Day Holo Shrub Toy, Festive Weapon Tuning, Droid Ecosample Stronghold Decorations and Festive Tauntaun Mount.

Game Update 5.1

SWTOR January Update Producer Live Stream - game update 5.1 preview

  • 5 brand new Uprisings: Trench Runner (Denova – fighting droids); Destroyed of Worlds (Makeb); Landing Party (Rakata Prime); Divided We Fall (Coruscant); Trial and Error (Space Station – story about Rackghouls and mad scientists).
  • Master Mode for all 16 KOTFE and 9 KOTET chapters will be released.
  • The previously announced Galactic Command EndGame gearing changes will go live with this update. The exact same description and preview was given to us with no new specific details. Look up my notes from the previous stream and check out the next section of this article for a brief summary.

Gearing in Galactic Command 5.1

SWTOR January Update Producer Live Stream - galactic command gearing changes in 5.1
  • New currency: Command Tokens: earned from Command Crates, the tokens will be Legacy bound and are retroactively granted.
  • New currency: Unassembled Gear Pieces: earned from Ops Bosses or purchased with Unassembled Components (from PvP).
  • New Vendors to purchase gear will be added to the both Fleets with patch 5.1 (24th January!).
  • Bioware is looking to allow players to purchase Command XP booster stims with the new tokens as a way to speed up alt grinding… I mean gearing. :P


How does Bioware feel about the overall state of CXP rewards throughout the various types of content?
– They are happy with the current state, some minor tweaks may be made (Operations will likely receive a CXP buff). Expect more feedback and according to the player base and our demands, more tweaks will be made in the future. The hardest content wasn’t rewarding enough, that’s why the already changes to gearing are introduced with 5.1.

What loot the One Boss Operations will drop?
– Toborro’s a perfect example and it will most likely drop a specific piece (same as a final boss in a normal Ops would do).

How will PvP gearing work after 5.1?
– The gearing process for PvP will be different to the PvE model. In order to upgrade to a higher tier of gear from PvP resources at the PvP vendors, you will be required to trade in your previous tier of gear jus the shell, probably). This isn’t new – it’s how the PvP gearing worked in the game for many years in the past.

Full Video Recording

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