Introducing Star Citizen

The time has come. Buckle up, we’re ready for take off!

Welcome, friends, to my first Star Citizen Guide. Logic dictates that it would be my effort to introduce you to this monster of a game (to be :P)

Star Citizen has been around for about 5 years now. Based on my growing nerdism (what kind of a word is that, D’OH!) towards this title and your reactions/votes in one of my most recent polls on the POLLS Page, I think it is time to announce my plans for Star Citizen.

There’s a never-ending controversy that this game may never be fully completed and released. Since the initial incredible success on Kickstarter, the developers have expanded not just the team working on the game, but the general idea of what Star Citizen wants to be. What it should be. What, hopefully it will some day BE! I personally have high hopes for it and am eager to see the Stand Alone campaign Squadron 42 being released some time in 2017. But… let’s back up a bit. In fact, let’s start from the top.

What is Star Citizen

introducing star citizen

Let’s begin with a basic introduction of the game for those of you who have not heard of it yet. The game is currently in early Alpha stage of development. This process is more open to the public that what is normal for a PC game. Oh, that’s right, Star Citizen is a PC Game!

Travel across the vast expanse of space in a cargo hauler with a friend or two in the turrets, land on an alien landscape to pick up a bit of smuggling work only to be ambushed by unscrupulous outlaws and fight your way from the ground back into space. All in one seamless experience.
More than a space sim, more than an action shooter, more than an MMO: This is Star Citizen.

  • Hundreds of systems from the dense cities to vast alien landscapes, each artistically crafted with our hybrid procedural planet tech.
  • A massive variety of ships, components, weapons and equipment offering infinite customization options to tailor to your play style.
  • Live how you want to live: shift from a cargo hauler to an outlaw whenever you want.
  • Interact with a diverse and dynamic population. Whether they’re handing out jobs or running a store, Star Citizen’s NPC population have full day/night cycles thanks to our proprietary AI Subsumption technology.
  • A dynamic community. Not only do we regularly share updates, behind the scenes videos and developer commentary, we also have made available early builds of the game, so that our backers can test and provide feedback while Star Citizen is in development.

What can players do at the moment InGame

introducing star citizen

RSI is constantly publishing all sorts of materials, from articles and interviews to videos and live streams. this allows us to learn about what is being done and will be done to the game. Currently there are 3 modules available to backers (more about those later).

Arena Commander

An arcade-style dogfighting and racing mode that allows us to test our ships and physics-based flight model as players battle alongside and against their friends in multiple arenas and game.

Star Marine

A fast-paced battleground where players put our unique FPS gameplay through its paces, testing the seamless third and first person unified animations, zero-G combat, and a variety of high-tech weapons


Originally designed as a test for planetside interactions, Area18 is an ultra-detailed cityscape for you and your friends to explore, go shopping, or just see the sights.


Your own personal space to look at your ships up close, edit your loadouts, and see your special reward flair and decorations.

Persistent Universe

Commonly known as the PU, this mode combines all the other modes and allows players to explore a small section of one of our solar systems. Here you and your friends can do missions, engage in ship or FPS combat, or explore asteroid fields for long forgotten wrecks. This has all been built on our 64-bit game engine that provides seamless travel from inside a space station, to a spaceship so large that you and your friends can walk around inside while flying thousands of kilometers through space. All in real time. All without load screens. It’s here in the PU that you begin to see the real promise of Star Citizen.

Who can test the game

introducing star citizen

Every person willing to back up the developing process with real money can test what is currently available. All money you spend on InGame unlocks and item purchases, will be granted to you when the game is finished. There are a number of packages available – from basic ones all the way to Rear Admiral Package with Life Time Insurance craziness.

Here’s what the cheapest, so called “Starter Packs” will grant you:

Aurora MR SC Package

It all starts here, with your very own spacecraft. Blast off from your home planet into a vast galaxy of endless possibilities for adventure. Whether you’re fending off deadly Vanduul on the frontier or raiding hapless convoys in human space, you can get your start with your very own RSI Aurora spacecraft. Includes the following: SelfLand Hangar, Starting Money: 1,000 UEC ,3 Month Insurance, Digital Star Citizen Manual, Star Citizen Digital Download. Price: $54.

Mustang Alpha SC Starter

Inspired by Consolidated Outland CEO Silas Koerner’s cutting edge vision, the Mustang Alpha is a sleek, stylish spacecraft that uses ultralight alloys to push power ratios to the limits, albeit sometimes unsafely. And now, with the optional Cargo Carrier, you can have the Alpha’s advantages without sacrificing carrying capacity. Includes the following: SelfLand Hangar, Starting Money: 1,000 UEC ,3 Month Insurance, Digital Star Citizen Manual, Star Citizen Digital Download. Price: $54.

Squadron 43 SC Standalone Package

Join the elite Squadron 42, the United Empire of Earth’s best fighter pilots. Squadron 42 is the epic, next-generation sci-fi adventure from acclaimed developer Chris Roberts. Embark on an unprecedented single-player adventure that will take you across the Star Citizen universe.  Featuring an all-star cast including Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson and more! Squadron 42 includes access to Arena Commander, so players can join Star Citizen’s persistent universe pilots in sharpening their dogfighting skills today. Squadron 42 is currently in development. On release, it will be available for download to all who purchase this package. The Arena Commander dogfighting module can be accessed immediately and will be continually updated as Star Citizen is developed. Includes: Squadron 42 Digital Download, Digital Squadron 42 Manual. Price: $54.

More information on what packages are available and what you receive for them, you can find on this link.

Vulkk’s Star Citizen coverage

vulkk youtube channel art banner

What content should you expect from me in terms of video materials, articles and guides on, depends on the speed of development the game picks up in 2017. We expect Patch 3.0 to bring an incredible amount of new playable content to test and enjoy.

I have been following the game’s development since 2013 and since thebeginning of 2015 I am officially a part of the universe. Here’s my account profile. If you would like to join, you can use this REFERRAL CODE: STAR-G2G9-WN3X. Yeah, just like in my favorite MMO Star Wars The Old Republic, RSI’s Star Citizen has its own referral program.

To start with, I will be covering latest news from around the ‘verse. My PC Hardware is powerful enough to run any and every modern game at full details, but Star Citizen is a next-next gen type of a game. It still isn’t balanced and polished and tons of bugs as well as lag and other issues are present and available. After all, it’s only in an Alpha stage.

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