Shadow of War: How Death Threat works

How much Death Threat has changed and evolved in Shadow of War?

Middle-earth: Shadow of War offers an expanded list of opportunities and features to the player compared to its predecessor Shadow of Mordor. Issuing Death threats to orcs is one of them. If you prefer to see and hear the information from this article in a video format, you will find it attached at the bottom.

Here is all you need to know about Death Threat and how it works, presented with a few bulletpoints:

  • Similar to Shadow of Mordor, to issue a Death Threat, you need a Worm orc to perform that action or Intel papers (Dominating Worms is much quicker than normal Grunts), that can be found in random places (similarly to Shadow of Mordor)
  • Death Threat Issues create a new mission for the target and you have to complete an objective before you draw the orc out to fight him. The mission guarantees a reward that is minimum a rare quality
  • You cannot death threat (DT) an overlord as he is still in the fortress at the time you are allowed to do this operation. You cannot issue a DT to a follower of yours either
  • DT will make the targeted orc gain 5 levels and this can be done to all tiers of enemies, including Legendary. It’s a great way to create some challenge for yourself as well as make it easier to complete certain achievements and level up legendary gear.
  • DT doesn’t prevent you from recruiting the orc after you have beaten them – just pick Recruit instead of kill, it will not grant you the cool loot, but will allow you to earn a new follower that is now 5 levels higher than what he was earlier. Of course, for the Recruitment to work, your opponent must not have the Iron Will or Unbreakable traits.
  • If you skip a DT mission (each Nemesis mission in the game has certain duration before it expires or resolves automatically), the orc may make fun of you and will eventually keep getting stronger with time passing. You can later send another DT that will rise the orc’s level with another 5. For example some legendary items can be upgraded if you perform a certain action or complete a specific objective, which may be to kill a certain orc of level X or higher.
  • If a captain survives a death threat, he will remember that and remind you if you meet again
  • If you issue a DT to an epic enemy, he wont become necessarily a Legend. Transferring an orc from Epic to Legendary depends on how deep history you have with him as well as on a number of other variables and scenarios
  • Captains with a DT can still cheat death after being defeated during the mission
  • You cannot set a follower of yours to execute your DT mission, but can place him as a bodyguard to help you (this is done via the Army screen for each region)
  • If you issue a DT to an unknown captain, you wont reveal all about him, but just the “tier 1” knowledge, which involves level, rarity and strong sides, but not weaknesses.

Shadow of War is scheduled to release on 10th October 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s available for pre-order. Check its pricing and availability on Amazon and Kinguin (use code “vulkk” for 3% off!). You can also join the Shadow of War Discord server.

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