Shadow of War: How to earn Mirian Guide

You want to swim in Mirian? Here are the ways to achieve that!

In Middle-earth: Shadow of War the Mirian rules the world. This InGame currency is used for absolutely everything – from purchasing new upgrades to getting new Orc Followers. There are many ways in which to earn it. This guide will help you make Mirian fast and easy. If you are looking for a basic guide on the Shadow of War Currencies – look no further!



The main and best source for getting Mirian is to complete missions. Main missions in the game reward you with a ton of it, but side-missions like Vendetta, Nemesis and exploration quests are also a great resource. Most of the missions you take on have a bonus objective. Be sure to complete it before you do the main objective of the mission to earn the extra rewards, which in most cases is indeed Mirian.


Whether you get Orcs via the Market place or recruit them on the battlefield, many of them wont be useful for much else than to destroy them for gear. Remember, your followers, that you get from chests, cannot be higher level than your current one and for the progression part of the game, you will quickly out-level all of them. Unless you place them on a fortress assault or to defend one you have already claimed for the Bright Lord, don’t be afraid to kill the orcs and get Gear for them. They drop the same rarity and level gear piece as the Orc you just killed.

Shadow of War Market and InGame Currencies

The amount of gear you obtain while completing various missions or performing assaults on fortresses, is insane. Depending on what opponents you take on and the difficulty level, you will earn 4 types of gear, based on its rarity – common, rare, epic and Legendary. Don’t rush to destroy the Legendary Gear. Even though it would give you a lot more Mirian for doing it, this is the only type of gear that can actually level up together with you and allow you to unlock hidden bonuses. Don’t be lazy and shy on the “Destroy for Mirian” button. Every single item you don’t need – destroy it and get Mirian. At first the rewards for that would be a miserable 100-150 Mirian per item, but at the higher levels of the game you will be getting 500+ Mirian per destroyed gear piece.


Scattered around the world there are special Uruks, marked with a white Mirian icon above their head. These grunts will drop Mirian when killed. The amount can be anywhere from 50 to 1000, where a 1000 is quite rare and 50 is the usual amount you’d get. Some times they might drop a Gem instead of Mirian. They rarely are alone and usually move around in a group, but killing them is not hard and later in the game you will get a Skill Unlock that allows you to pick up items automatically without having to stopping to loot them – this makes the looting in the game much faster and easier.

Shadow of War treasure orcs mark

After Act I you will be allowed to send your Followers to compete in the Fighting pits. At the first stage – Maggot level, you wont earn much, but once your Followers have proven themselves worthy, they can compete in the Warrior level. Here each win will net you between 1000 and even up to 5000 Mirian, based on the location of the Pit you have chosen. Obviously, this is a perk you can do at the later stages in the game, but up to this point, you still have plenty of ways to earn Mirian.


After you have collected that nice amount of Mirian, you might start to wonder – isn’t it too much and what can you do with all of it?! My advice is to not spend it on random chests from the Market before you reach Act IV in the story. Up until this point you will not really need any extra chests, gear  or followers. Just do the missions in each region to earn and pile up the Mirian. Spend it on Gear Upgrades (especially the Legendary one)! Be sure to unlock as soon as possible the Gem slots for each one of your armor pieces and weapons. They cost 1000 each and will provide you with an extra bonus, based on the Gem you have slotted there. Another place, where you can spend Mirian is the Assault preparations. If you have more than enough, you can afford the luxury of having your Assault prepared and upgraded with extra perks that will make your mission or reaching the Overlord easier and quicker.

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Take a look at this video overview of the Shadow of War Market. It will give you some insights what to spend money on and how. Once again, though, don’t waste Mirian on chests in the early game. Get a few, just to see how the system works, but don’t waste your resources. You will need them later (Act IV).

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