What the… SWTOR New Launcher UI

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Yes, I wont say any more in the yellow/orange…ish text here! Read below ^^

Well… now… one day I didn’t log after an update and what the hell has happened. The launcher update brought more than just background work by Bioware. It has a completely new design.

So… why should we care? It’s just a screen we look at for a few seconds before we start looking at the more important screen – the game’s launch background. First, I have big enough screens (guess I should be happy?!), so I cannot test how this fits into smaller resolutions, but I already see some complaints about this being an annoying bug or an issue. Apparantly, on smaller resolutions the launcher does not scale, so you will have to choose which end/side/corner you don’t need to see. Cool! :D

For many the big issue remains – Bitraider and the Stream Technology is still here. Bioware likes it (I too) and even though it create more chaos and problems for some users, it seems to be working fine for a big enough percentage, so their “metrix” wont mark it as problematic.

Forum User Kyuuu posted here his solution to prevent the launcher from installing the Bitraider client. Note, that you have to edit this before the game is installed. After that you will have to remove it and start from scratch. Here’s his code:

, "LastProduct": ""
, "downloadRate": "0"
, "language": "en-us"
, "TestServerAccess": "No"
, "SpecHash": "1166909569.1164884959,"
, "AutoClose": "NONE"
, "KillKillProc": false 
, "LastMode": ""
, "PatchingMode": "{ \"swtor\": \"SSN\" }"
, "bitraider_download_complete": { }
, "log_levels": "INFO,SSNFO,ERROR"
, "bitraider_disable": true
, "PickedEnvironments": "swtor"

Edit the launcher.settings and replace the default values with these if you want to try his method. As I mentioned, even though I had issues caused by Bitraider a couple of times in the past, I still use it, because I prefer to minimize any custom work done in the game’s files. Do it at your own risk.

Let’s take a look at the new launcher, shall we? It’s about time…


What do YOU think? Like it? Most of the players on Reddit and the official SWTOR Forums tend to stick to the old design, but since it’s now gone, we will all have to adapt.

Me? I personally am more neutral to its design. I never loved the old design, but since it’s been here for soooo long now, I grew accustomed to it and will surely miss it. The new one is at the same time flat, modern, cool, but also generic and stale.

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