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Here’s how I spent my Black Friday :)

Yes, the picture does have zombies on the background :D

At the time of publishing this article it’s still Friday in the western part of the planet, so to some of you it may still be relevant.

Here I’ll show you some of the great deals I think you might like and will also share with you my best purchase today. To cover the whole title, I wont miss the disappointments too.

In fact, lets start with the bad side of Black Friday.

For good or evil it is only local and personal. This “event” finally entered with its full power here in our corner of the world. My email was going crazy since yesterday with offers, deals, discounts and what not. Everyone claimed they have the best items all at unbelievably crazy prices, then Friday morning came and already all cool things were marked “sold out” a couple hours after the portals and online stores started their sale. I know for a fact that the online market here is big, but not nearly that big, hehe. It’s just a poor PR trick. The even sadder part is that most of the portals only ever made discounts in the range of 10-30%. Kind of similar to the disappointment called “SWTOR Black Friday” EA gave us.

41WQoQW-NyLI had my eyes wide open for a nice new SSD, because my only one is an OCZ Vertex 4 120GB and it was already nearly full with just a windows system and my SWTOR, which didn’t even include PTS. I have been looking around for possible deals on a new SSD for a long time. I decided I can afford to wait for a good deal, because I could not afford to buy a 240-250GB one on its retail price, heh.810D-GQoNZL._SL1500_

Then, this morning, while being buried under tons of paper (we were finishing a project and it
was my turn to prepare the documents and everything for handing the physical copies top the investors), when suddenly I spotted a great deal. It was in a local store. A Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD on ~$105. I know I am linking Amazon, but it’s just for comparison. They did actually have a special Samsung SSD Black Friday offer today. When I added the delivery taxes, the 2-3 weeks delay until I get it and the lack of warranty (would be stupid to attempt to use its warranty across the whole world), I decided not to take advantage of the Amazon’s deal.

Now I can finally have my 2 most favorite games running on an SSD (SWTOR and The Witcher 3). Bad news is I had to reinstall them both and combining that with the downloading times, things got messy. Actually, I am currently installing The Witcher 3 and SWTOR is waiting its turn right after it. Then comes the saved settings, save-game files and all other things to be imported. So, stop wondering why I am writing this article. I am bored and wanted to do something to keep me awake. It’s 3am here now :P

The great things about this Black Friday?

Well, first off, this is the first year when the hype here in Bulgaria has been so high. Insane, almost. I am hoping next year the discounts and deals reach the real low levels as I see them on Amazon (and all other giants worldwide).

witcher_iii_wild_hunt_2d_1 (1)What else, well, tons of games were discounted on the 2 platforms that I advertise and use for myself – G2A and Amazon. I checked and The Witcher 3, which has been on a great deal for ages, is even cheaper today. The original Wild Hunt is ~$21 and the first expansion Hearts of Stone is ~$5.

The best monitor for my needs, the ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q 27-inch was also in my wish list. It’s retail price + the transportation extra from US/UK to BG made it absolutely out of my price range. It’s still not available here in Bulgaria, by the way. And that’s logical. It’s a bit too special and expensive for the average gamer here to want one of these beasts.41Ms95qjr-L

So, the monitor is still on a discount on Amazon, but not nearly as low as I was hoping to see it. Obviously, ASUS would not be stupid to sell too cheap one of their best and newest products. Well, it happens sometimes, with some brands, but I haven’t seen it happen to ASUS yet. The price I saw today on the website was ~#730. Add some $20-30 for delivery and combine it with the 2-3 weeks wait-time, the end result is no. Vulkk wont get a new shiny uber monitor this year :D

I had my eye on some new clothing, but… because the models I was looking for and the total number of them was too big, you will be glad to read that I am not sharing all of them here :D

So… these were my ups and downs with this Black Friday. I “won” a good new SSD and am more than happy with it now (even thought I had to remove the DVD as I had no more SATA ports available, lol). Couldn’t get some other things I was hoping to find as part of the global sales, but, hey… there’s always the Cyber Monday, though, it’s not that popular here as an “event” yet.

Just in case you want to help me earn a few extra “real life credits” that can pay my website’s bills, you can use my referral link to Amazon when you buy stuff:

And in the end… what did you get? Why? Were you happy with this year’s deals in your local store or favorite online portal? Share with me your winnings :)))

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