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This is the most detailed Witcher World map I could find

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Aftter searching Google left and right, I turned to Witcher’s SubReddit. To my surprise, the links and things I could not locate in Google (D’OH!), I found easy and quick in the great Witcher Reddit section. The visitors there are all nice and helpful, there’s absolutely no hate and trolling.

Without strolling too far from the main topic, I present to you the big, simple, yet very detailed Witcher World Map. It is not official, because as you might know, Andrzej Sapkowski has never created published an official map of the world where the Witcher books take place. There may be some differences between any 2 maps you decide to compare, but this one has pretty much all places, countries, towns, villages that are mentioned in the books and the games. Or so I did read (still on Book 3 myself :P)

If you want to open it in its full size, you have to open it on the attachment page and then from the right-click-menu pick “Open Image in New Tab”

Or… just click this, heh:


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