It is time for report – what my Patreon 2016 Campain will be about

With the recent purchase of a high quality Microphone, it was a good moment to update my Patreon goals, since finding funds for the RODE NT-USB was my first goal. In 2015 with the help of my Patrons I also bought a new SSD and, of course, the big thing from the last Summer – the Nvidia GTX 980Ti!

Here’s the list of things I want to add/implement/improve in 2016:

Website Hosting and Upgrades ($50 per month) 
After launching my brand new website I now want to expand it and create a great experience for everybody while browsing. These things are costly. The Web Hosting and Domain are just the beginning, most of the cool features, like Plugins and Tools, are not free.
Weekly News and Analysis Show ($100 per month)
This will be in the form of a Podcast. Mostly audio with a few video enhancements to back up the news, analysis and overviews. It will be based mainly on SWTOR, of course, but will contain other important Star Wars news as well.
More Advanced and Professional Upgrades ($150 per month)
This higher goal is set towards funding further improvements of my presentations. A Green Screen for my live streams has been a long standing goal of mine, and I mean a real professional green screen (tested a “home made” version, effect was very poor).
Professional Video Camera for decent face-video would be a huge improvement for both my live shows as well as new projects I am working on for the near future.
A Dedicated Streaming/Editing PC ($200 per month)
Most of you probably know that for a very long time I have been trying to get a 2nd Streaming and Rendering Dedicated PC. Well, that’s still a dream of mine. It wont happen in a month or two, but if I reach and keep this goal covered for a few months, I will have the funding to finally purchase and set up a Dual PC Streaming System.
The first year of my Patreon campaign was very successful and I am very glad and grateful for all the support I received! THANK YOU!
What do you think? Is the list worth? If you cannot afford to pledge a small amount on monthly basis, do not be concerned. Your moral support is more than enough!


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