SWTOR Decorate 5 Strongholds, get 125% Conquest bonus

Eric Musco corrected a wrong statement from an older post of his regarding the bonus earned by decorating Strongholds. If you have fully decorated 4 Strongholds, you will get 100% Conquest bonus. If you decorate a 5th one, because Bioware now allows up to 5 Strongholds per player, you will stack the bonus up to 125%.

► Producer Livestream Recap 3/9 | 04.15.2016, 09:26 AM

Hey folks,

I need to clarify my clarification. What I stated in the post above is actually not correct.

The team wanted to ensure that with the change to allow 5 Strongholds, we didn’t punish players who currently had 4. Also, we wanted to reward players who decorated all 5. The way Conquest bonuses work now is that you will earn 25% bonus for each fully decorated Stronghold. So if you had 4 decorated Strongholds before and were at 100%, you will still be at 100%. However, now you can unlock and decorate a 5th Stronghold to get to 125%.

Apologies for any confusion I caused with my previous post! Thanks everyone.


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