The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Release Date and Trailer

The wait is nearly over!

The wait is nearly over. It was absolutely worth it, I can tell just by looking at this 53 second long teaser!  This isn’t much in any real “news style”, but… I’m over excited. My ~450-500 hours of Witcher 3 gameplay are about to turn into… 600… soon!

Damn, 31st May cannot come any sooner…

Ok, let’s get serious.

Witcher 3’s 2nd and final expansion called “Blood and Wine” will release in the end of May, 31st to be exact. It will contain more than 20 hours of gameplay and knowing CDPR’s traditions, the level of replayability will also be very high. The new region for us to explore will be Toussaint, a colorful and beautiful place of peace and quiet… but not really! Monsters and all kinds of other dangers are all awaiting for Geralt’s appearance.

For the owners of the Season Pass this DLC will be 100% free, very soon, though, Blood and Wine will be available as a separate purchase, like Hearts of Stone was.

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