CD Projekt Red on Witcher 3 Expansion and Cyberpunk 2077

CDPR talks Blood and Wine and future plans

In an interview for the german version of Gamestar CD Projekt Red’s quest designer and PR manager talked about the company’s plans for the upcoming expansion to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt called Blood and Wine as well as the future and more specifically their next game Cyberpunk 2077.

The interview video is embedded below, but is in german. Thanks to Reddit user Pawel95 we have the important facts listed for us in english:

General things

  • Quest designer (mid) and PR manager(right) in the interview
  • Many questions to the quest-designer, about what were the most fun and most annoying things to do: He said, he was one of the 2 guys that had to place all people in Novigrad, give them tasks etc.
  • It wasn’t really hard to fill the world with content (The quest designer said, sometimes they even felt like they ran out of space). However the devs know that these barrels at Skellige were not really “great content” to fill the Skellige :P
  • They do NOT plan to remaster W1 + W2
  • They do NOT plan to bring out a retail version that gives you all 3 games in one package (They argued that W1/W2 is almost free at sales)
  • They MIGHT discuss about a GOTY edition for The Witcher 3 with all patches, DLC’s and expansions included.

About the expansion

  • New area of the expansion will be about “as big as all islands of Skellige combined” / which is quite impressive in my opinion
  • New gwent deck SKELLIGE will come out (was already confirmed at PAX EAST)
  • No Release date yet
  • They haven’t seen any trailers/teasers yet
  • Release should be before E3 (because that would make most sense)
  • Talked about (in their opinion, fair) “price/content”-ratio for the exapnsion pass
  • They don’t plan to go on sale with the exp. pass right after release (Why should they? :D )
  • Graphics for the new area have been improved and CDPR was thinking if they should replace for example the grass on the WHOLE map with the new, better grass :D A joke was made that the improved graphics now look better than what we saw at the E3 2014 trailer ;-)

Cyperpunk 2077

  • A few days ago someone found out that CDPR is searching for people that will help developing the ?engine? of CYP2077, that’s why there were rumours that the team hasn’t even “started yet”. Döhla said they can’t say anything. Neither they can say if they already saw playable content, nor can they say the opposite However he brang up an interesting comparision: “It’s like you have a house for a few years and want to renew some things. You bring a cement mixer and start working. People will see that and say “Man, they haven’t even finished the house yet” It’s the same about the tools for cyperpunk 2077 :D
  • Also some interesting things about marketing, like that they always have to be carefull with what they say. If they make an interview like that and say that the release might be delayed, the course of the company may go down very fast at the bourse

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