Tomb of Raider reference in WITCHER 3 Blood and Wine

Find out what Lara and Geralt have in common

I had done the quest. Twice, in fact. Once for myself and a second time for a video Walkthrough/Guide. Yet, I never knew that there are quite a few hints and references to the latest 2 Tomb Raider games during the mission to unlock the new Witcher 3system called “Mutations”. Here are all the details with notes attached to them. All props should go to Reddit user LolerCoaster (I’ve shared his quotes and images below).

Here is my full walkthrough of Turn and Face the Strange (written + video guide).


During the quest Turn and Face the Strange, Geralt set out to investigate Professor Moreau’s grave, but someone else has already beaten him to it – a tomb raider you would say.


Turns out, the thief is a woman.


The “grave robber” has done much of the work for Geralt – such as opening the portal into Moreau’s lab.


In the underground lab, the witcher ran into several traps which are already activated by someone who came before, like spiked floor and a giant boulder.


Finally, Geralt saw a climb pickaxe, a rope, a bow and a camp fire – obvious references to the latest two Tomb Raider games!

You can find his original gallery here.

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