Reorganizing the main menu | Website updates

Reorganizing the main menu - Website updates

The Guides Section

I would like to invite you to check out the reorganized Guides section located in the main menu. I have updated it and put some of my most popular articles to be easily reachable. Prepared the website for the giant SWTOR 5.0 update, reordered and resized the size of the submenus and have even done away with some of the rarely used parts of it (example: the most recently updated guides section).

The Guides section in the main menu is available from every single page on and I believe this should make searching even easier. main menu ubermenu guides section

The Videos Section

There have been quite a lot of changes to the Video categories and sections. A few old ones did split to give birth to new ones, better explaining and combining the various videos I have. Since I have quite a few non-SWTOR videos now and even a few series, I have managed to find a place for them too. Check the screenshots below or better yet – browse the menu at the top of the page :)

If you have suggestions for guides and tutorials for the two games I have currently covered – The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and Star Wars The Old Republic, please feel free to suggest or request. If you know of a guide on my website that you have visited repeatedly and have found it useful, let me know.

For now that’s it. Hopefully you will find the changes to be very positive.

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