Earn Galactic Command XP in SWTOR while leveling

SWTOR NEWS - How to earn Galactic Command XP in SWTOR while leveling

Did you know it is possible to start earning your CXP points before you reach lvl 70 and open up the Galactic Command UI? It’s a simple method, really. Reddit user medullah reported that while following one of the most efficient leveling up strategies – doing Daily Quests and Heroics, you actually pre-earn your CXP.

If you level up via “Planetary Content”, once you reach lvl 70, check the Galactic Command window and upon just browsing the Planetary Content section, the game will automatically reward you with the CXP points you have earned while leveling up. For that to be possible, though, it has to happen in the same day.

Here’s the original post:

► Level 65-70 through Heroics/Dailies, you can claim the GCXP for that planet when you hit 70

I’ve been leveling my alts from 65 to 70 by doing the CZ-198, Yavin and Oricon dailies followed by Tatooine Heroics, which is usually enough to hit 70 wearing full XP armor.

When I hit 70 I wanted to get some GCXP so I hit the Planetary option, and as I was rotating through the different options, when CZ-198, Oricon, Tatooine and Yavin popped up it auto-completed the mission and gave me the GCXP for those planets. This only works if you do it in the same week, but it’s an easy way to get regular XP and then extra GCXP after.

Edit – Some people are saying it’s the same day, not the same week.

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